Making picks for the Workday Charity Open

Another win (albeit an obvious one) for D.J. puts him in a commanding lead, while Randy looks to build on a strong Week 1. DraftKings Sportsbook:

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28 thoughts on “Making picks for the Workday Charity Open

  1. Careful DJ, Staff Sergeant Horschel was dishonorably discharged from the PXG infantry earlier this year. Any claims that he is still a member of that illustrious group would be stolen valor.

  2. Tron:" Rough will be down in week 1 and up in week 2. I don't know how that works." I think the answer is photosynthesis.

  3. Any view on huge muscle increase and juice – why is nobody asking the obvious Q ? – I’m a rugby man & if a player came back after 3 month with that much weight added…………but rugby players are tested loads

  4. I love 2nd shot courses. My 2nd shot is usually a punch-out or a miss-hit

  5. A 'box' like in horse racing is just the different permutations of bets. So you can box your bet, just make the reverse bet – JT then Koepka.

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