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Golf loves a good comeback. In Harding Park, the municipal course in San Francisco that is serving as the venue for this week’s PGA Championship, the game has one of the best in recent years.

President Warren G. Harding Library of Congress, Wikipedia

The story starts in the summer of 1925, when the course opened for play. It was designed by Willie Watson and Sam Whiting, who had just constructed the Lake and Ocean tracks at the nearby Olympic Club. Being named after President Warren G. Harding – an avid golfer and Ohio Republican who had died in San Francisco while in office two years prior – endowed the new layout with a certain eminence as well.

Harding Park prospered for decades as a place for area golfers of all ages and abilities to play and as a tournament venue. It hosted the San Francisco City Golf Championship, aka the City, and was the site of the U.S. Amateur Public Links Championships in 1937 and 1956.

Then in the 1960s, the facility held an annual PGA Tour event dubbed the Lucky International Open and sponsore…

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