MacIntyre Happy To Stay On Top Of His World

It sounds ridiculously glib, but Robert MacIntyre has the best of both worlds. In his regular life, he is in seventh heaven in a new flat in Oban where he wakes to one of Scotland’s finest views. Ganavan Beach is immediately below but, beyond, he is looking across to the Isle of Mull, part of the rich tapestry of the Inner Hebrides.

“The day after I get home, I have breakfast out on the patio,” said MacIntyre. “It’s what I need.”

Isle of Mull and Kerrera view from Oban Getty Images

Staying based in the Scottish Highlands – his flat is a few hours north of Glasgow Airport – is something which, he says, will never change.

“When I’m in Oban, I’m treated the same as I’ve always been treated,” MacIntyre said. “Out on tour, people can look at you a little differently.

“I see some of the stars being pestered for autographs and part of me thinks I’d love to be like them. Deep down, though, I know how important it is to be able to switch off and separate what you do from who you are.”

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