Longest Drive Comp Callaway Golf OptiForce Vs Callaway X-Hot

Longest Drive Comp Callaway Golf OptiForce V’s Callaway X-Hot
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27 thoughts on “Longest Drive Comp Callaway Golf OptiForce Vs Callaway X-Hot

  1. I have the 3 deep and get it out 280 yds…but I absolutely HATE the stock shaft! The translucent gray looks cheap and plasticky! I wish it was a Diamana like Titleist…Callaway, terrible shaft selection! Stock shaft is not stiff enough and I have the X 6.5. WTF were they thinking? Cheap shaft when they could have made the X hot perfect. Now I have to sell it or replace the stock shaft. Also, I HATE the Aldilla shafts in the Razr Xtreme too…

  2. Hi Rick, what is that special effect in your video's these last few times. Is it my PC that does that, of do you put them in? if it is the latter, I would like to suggest it does not add any value to the quality of your items, but rather puts me off 🙂
    Hope I am not the only one who finds those pretty annoying?

  3. love these comparison video's you do!
    you mention that the xhot launched on the lower side. what would you do to optimize it?

  4. Can you please compare the Xhot 3 Deep 13 degree vs Xhot Driver? I swear the 13 degree goes as far if not further than the SLDR I was hitting!

  5. the thing that's strange is that with a SS of 110mph, you should be able to get 274 carry 295 total distance but you only get 250-255

  6. I have the x hit driver and where as it's long the feel of it is terrible, even on good shots, Callaway need to get back to the ft5 days where when you hit a good shot you'd get feedback through the club

  7. Hey, great videos! The reason the OptiForce launches higher is because the 460 head size is at 10,5 degrees of loft and the 440 is at 9,5 degrees. that may be the difference! could you do some reviews on some of the Mizuno clubs? cheers from a golfing fanatic! 🙂

  8. I think the fact that they are the "same" but you see such different characteristics just shows how you can't go in for generic fitting find out you are a 10.5 stiff flex and then grab any club off the rack and be "optimal" just like SLDR is the "era of loft" different CG, different shaft characteristics to match that and you get different launch.  However on the hand, just like your shootout with the old warbird, the distance difference, even with your swing speed…well it isn't all that big a deal as in you aren't going to be 2 clubs closer coming in.

  9. flight scope is absolutely horrible. its saying your club speed is 113 and only going 286? thats bullshit lol even in any simulator i have used flight scope is the worst (and cheapest) out there. get a better tracker!

  10. Hi Rick, could you pit the Xhot Tour against the Optiforce 440 – I know this is an old video but I picked up an Optiforce 440 to replace my ancient Ping G2 which I cracked the face of (great driver, easy to work). I've found the Optiforce 440 awesome, you need to be swinging well to middle everything which goes a mile but I can tell you heel mid face will still outdrive many, toe high hits obviously go high and mega draw (standard 9.5 setting, and 10.5 – no bias) but still hit fairway. I find the OF had 30-40y more run than anything else I've tried, using 9.5 stock stiff shaft. Its a head turning club, lot's of attention drawn to it's classic looks like the playing partners think it's a magic club.

  11. The quality of this video is sooooo bad!!!! The replays and the changing of the color to black and white at impact, etc. its just sooooo bad. You have come a looooooonnnng way Rick. A loooooonnnnng way!!!

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