Karl playing the 2012 Steve Allan Junior Open (without annotations)

Date: 17th December, 2012
Event: The Steve Allan Junior Open
Where: The Berwick Montuna Golf Club
Yardage: Mens Tees = 5600 yards, Championship Tees = ?
Par: 69
Karl’s division: “A” Grade (handicaps of less than 10)
Age Division: Under 21 Years
Karl’s Score: 73
Winning Score: 68
Karl’s result: DQ’d

Comments: A hungry Karl rushed his card return immediately after the round so as to get to the burger, fries & coke quickly. He only bothered to check that the actual total was correct instead of diligently going through each and every hole to ensure that the scores per hole matched.

Karl would have won the Nett by 2 strokes, but because of the mistake he was rightfully DQ’d and spent an hour being inconsolable.

It was a good lesson learned here instead of at a World Championships, as what many younger players don’t realise is that the total is irrelevant to the Scorers. The key record is that each hole matches up to the total score.

BTW, the Scorers at The World Championships and at PGA events make the players sit down and check hole by hole so as to avoid this happening.

Lesson: Many a Tour player has inadvertently made the same mistake, including Padraig Harrington, Paul Azinger, Graham Marsh, Nick Price, Sir Nick Faldo. More recently though, this year Australia’s Stacey Keating signed for an incorrect card which would otherwise have seen her Win the Women’s British Open.

Karl’s website is www.karlgolf.info

4 thoughts on “Karl playing the 2012 Steve Allan Junior Open (without annotations)

  1. Does karl work work with a trainer for physical training or no also his chipping seems to be pretty solid, what does he do. Any drills?

  2. It wasn't too bad. His score was just the 1 shot off the low Gross for the day in the Overall age categories of Under 21.
    Karl's at that stage now where because he's hitting it so much longer, he can still miss the odd shot but score well due to his ability to get up & down most of the time.
    Ben Hogan said that if he felt that he had hit 4 shots perfectly in a round and managed to deal with the rest, that he'd have been happy with his round.

  3. The only physical training that Karl does is joining in on all the other sports that they do at school. In a year or so he'll need to discover what a push-up is though.
    80% of his practice is dedicated to chipping, so more often than not he'll give himself a good chance of getting up & down. His Sand Saves are probably his best statistic despite rarely practicing it.

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