Karl in the Youth Projects Charity Day

Karl’s third Charity appearance for 2012, the “Youth Projects” charity day held at Commonwealth Golf Club.
As he did at the “Very Special Kids” charity day for very ill kids and their families held at Kingston Heath earlier in the year, Karl conducted a “Beat the Pro” Par 3 hole whereby every player coming through the field had the opportunity to win a prize if they got their Tee Shot closer than Karl’s.
Karl’s charity efforts go mostly unnoticed, but despite his own family doing it tough at the moment, he understands that he can still help others and does so when it’s for a good cause.
Karl’s website is www.karlgolf.info

9 thoughts on “Karl in the Youth Projects Charity Day

  1. great video once again. although depressing for the rest of us who are many times karl's age and havent yet achieved as much. cheers.

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