Karl at the 2008 US Kids World Championships, Age 6

Age 6.

The 2008 US Kids Worlds were played over 3 days at the Midland Country Club in Pinehurst, North Carolina. One of the other competitor’s parents used my video to film a few shots of my son Karl playing in the 6-year-old Boys division. This year he came 7th.

Karl’s website is www.karlgolf.info, where his latest results, video and info are constantly updated.

4 thoughts on “Karl at the 2008 US Kids World Championships, Age 6

  1. Man, I can't even chip like that, one of my worst game is chipping because it is hard to put the right amount of power in to it.

  2. my son is turning 5 soon, gonna get him started into golf too. He seems to enjoy hitting his plastic clubs at the moment. You've seriously come a long way since, i wish you all the best in your golf career

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