Justin Thomas’ golf equipment up close

Justin Thomas’s Scotty Cameron putter. (David Dusek/Golfweek)

This is the putter that Thomas put into his bag in late 2016 after being frustrated with his performance on the greens. Having played Newport-style, heel-toe weighted blades for his entire career, Thomas rummaged through Titleist’s PGA Tour van and found some putters that offered him a different look. The Futura X 5.5 was one of them, and after setting it down, Thomas found that he liked the look.

Thomas’ prototype putter has a short single-bend neck that has been hand welded onto the head. In the photo, you can see there is excess sodering material at the base of the hosel. Thanks to that hosel, the putter balances with the toe pointing down about 30 degrees. That amount of toe-hang is very similar to toe-hang found in many Newports, so the Futura X 5.5 matches Thomas’ stroke. However, the compact mallet had more heel-toe weighting, thanks to the weight in the sole and winglike extensions, so it offers more forgiveness too.

Justin’s initials have been stamped into the face, and there is a stamped Scotty dog and crown on the toe along with a Titleist T and crown on the heel. On the top, there is a single black alignment line.

After starting to use the Futura X 5.5, Thomas’ strokes gained putting average jumped from -0.185 (131st) in 2016 to 0.332 (43rd) in 2017.

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