Junior Skills: Ball Juggling

Warning: Juggling is a complete waste of time if you’re serious about your golf.

Because I’ve always practiced the important skills like chipping & putting, I’ve always been envious watching other kids do this and not spent any time on juggling.

Killing 10 minutes during practice this week I thought it’d be a bit of light fun in between training for some big tournaments coming up in the next few weeks.

Hitting your 7 iron thru wedges within Birdie range is heaps more important.

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7 thoughts on “Junior Skills: Ball Juggling

  1. Yeh, a 60 degree. Seriously though, Karl's always spent his time practicing his short game rather than doing tricks. Even today I had to go to the course 3 times before he was prepared to finish his putting. 3 hours of putting with his buddies – that's where you win tournaments.

  2. Cheers.
    Every "Golf expert" in Australia tells us that it's crazy to fill a boys head with such unrealistic dreams.
    Thank Goodness Rory's and Tiger's Dads didn't listen to all the naysayers.
    Somebody has to win the big tournaments, so it may as well be you.

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