Jon Rahm’s workout regimen | 4 exercises

Jon Rahm explains his workout routine and demonstrates the half kneeling core act hold, contralateral core act dying bug, single leg core act rdl, and the stick deadlift movements that help with his golf game. Rahm reached No. 1 in the Official World Golf Rankings after his victory at the 2020 Memorial Tournament presented by Nationwide.


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9 thoughts on “Jon Rahm’s workout regimen | 4 exercises

  1. I still say the perp saw that golf ball move on Sunday and should of been disqualified and put in handcuffs immediately, you don't Mash the grass down behind the ball and see it move without calling a 2 stroke penalty on yourself especially at Jack's Place.

  2. Unreal talent and future major winner for sure, maybe this year. But yeah that failure to call the penalty on himself, especially with the commanding lead, he even still had at that time, disappointing. Plus it goes against everything that golf is about – honesty

  3. 1) Wake up
    2) Spaz and overreact aggressively to everything.
    3) Don't apologize for it.
    4) Exploit PGA for brand sponsorships and wealth while simultaneously deterring current and future spectators from following golf. JR is like John Daly minus the character, alcohol, and entertainment. Dude seems grateful for absutely none of it… in fact he comes off bitter like its half a decade overdue. I might have less fondness and respect for JR than I do Holly Saunders.

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