Jon Rahm assessed two-stroke penalty after chip-in at the Memorial

Jon Rahm was assessed a two-stroke penalty after chipping in on the 16th hole of the 2020 Memorial Tournament presented by Nationwide.


Tiger Woods returns to PGA TOUR action for the first time since February as he looks for his sixth title at the Memorial Tournament presented by Nationwide. The top five in the FedExCup standings – Justin Thomas, Webb Simpson, Sungjae Im, Bryson DeChambeau and Rory McIlroy – are also in the field at Muirfield Village. DeChambeau returns after taking the Workday Charity Open off, but has gone T3-T8-T6-1 during the TOUR’s Return to Golf.

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32 thoughts on “Jon Rahm assessed two-stroke penalty after chip-in at the Memorial

  1. I've made a lot of comments on here because it's very interesting to see the diversity of views on the exact same video. I believe he, when grounding his wedge caused the ball to move . And I believe he saw it because he purposefully planted his wedge in an exact location pressing downward. He's not going to do this while looking at the hole. After looking at the video about 20 more times, yeah I have no life, I believe he planted his wedge in that particular location as a mark for where he wanted to strike the grass. He played the shot like a bunker shot, striking the grass and popping the ball up softly. As golfers know, this is bunker shot technique. It's one of the reasons why grounding is not allowed in a bunker, making marks and improving lies. Had he done the right thing and called out the infraction, it's quite possible that they head to 17 with Rahm only up 1.

  2. Why I struggle to support USGA – after the DJ incident at the US Open – it seems they don't get how to get people to enjoy this great game. I know this is PGA Tour – but they don't penalize for slow pay – but they do for this ? c'mon guys – for the love of the game – bring the love back to the game. Oh – and one more thing – if a ball lands in a divot in the fairway and they have to play from there – is completely stupid after 4 days of pros all hitting the same area. lift and place.

  3. It's me again. So I understand there is a two shot penalty now. Is the second stroke because he did not replace the ball? If so, how in the world do you "replace" the ball in that hay? Sometimes the TV is a detriment to the game. I always wanted to be on TV playing golf but not like this.

  4. According to satellite imaging from a Spacex moon rover, a ball moving a micron or two has a microscopic probability of helping a golfer make an incredible shot. Without ridiculous camera angles this never would have been detected. Arnold Palmer just turned over in his grave.

  5. Same thing happened to Bubba Watson at Augusta and it cost him the tournament lead.
    Rules are rules.

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  7. Wow. And people wonder why golf is dying. Two dimples!!!? Two dimples! Geez. More usga rules changes on the horizon

  8. I have had this happen to me in a tournament, and I was assessed a penalty as well. To anyone who says he probably didn't see it move, he would have to be blind to NOT see it move! Any golfer worth anything sees the ball move while addressing it if it moves. It didn't oscillate either. It clearly moved and didn't move back. I think he saw it and just let it be, since he was going to get the penalty either way, so no sense making a big deal of it.

  9. Yep okay, doesnt affect the shot…umm yeah dingbat it kinda does…when you push the grass down behind the ball, you ARE improving your life, plain and simple, he did it all round…the only difference is the ball in previous times did not return back to original position…imagine the ones that the camera didnt catch…just sayin

  10. So how was this detected? Rahm says he didn't know at the time, is TV footage being used again to detect 'errors'? I thought that had been dispensed with.

  11. One dimple movement means the penalty was somewhat harsh there’s only one way to avoid penalties in this kind of rough lie and that is to keep the blade hovering above the ball at address something like a bunker shot nevertheless it was still a great shot but at pga level things get tougher

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