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PGA Professional Piers Ward at Golf Biodynamics at the Jim Mclean Golf School at Doral shows the benefits of 3D golf coaching.

6 thoughts on “Jim Mclean Golf School/ 3D Biomechanics – meandmygolf

  1. Pretty cool. Great golf swing. Most of the data should be in the 'Green Zones'. Its a great teaching tool to key in to key elements of the golf swing.

  2. Hi Piers, fab info on your swing but does it feel weird to be the one kitted out as opposed to a student? Also what differences are there between that rig and the K-vest you use? I am still using the towel to increase lag!! Frank

  3. Hi Frank, Ha yes it was nice to be the student for once, the AMM has more sensors and offers more info on the different body parts, great piece of kit and the guys at Doral were great. Keep going with the towel drill, keep your eye out for loads more videos Frank and keep me informed, thanks

  4. For most, this stuff should be a LAST port of call, if at all.
    Instead, there is a growing trend for this to be used when other approaches would be much more fruitful.
    But I guess it does rake in the bucks …..?

  5. BTW … this approach has many "blind" spots … only where the sensors are placed is data collected … all the other areas like the hands (and yours are very active in the take-away, like mine) are relatively ignored …. so the picture created by this technology is limited.
    I notice they didn't even bother with your legs!

  6. Were the only kinds of sensors used accelerometers or there there goniometers and motion tracking used too?

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