Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player discuss Honorary Starter tradition | Masters Press Conference

Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player address the media prior to the 2020 Masters Tournament.

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42 thoughts on “Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player discuss Honorary Starter tradition | Masters Press Conference

  1. The sad thing about the modern ball and big drivers is that you can no longer compare with rounds of the past and great courses are now obsolete.

  2. What a great honour to hear from these 2 absolute giants. I particularly pay attention to whatever Gary says on the game and mostly on life.
    Jack was very classy in answering that most inappropriate question on Trump. Shame on the person who asked such an underhanded question.

  3. To the woman who thanked Jack and then asked about Trump accepting defeat. I feel your pain! Jack, you hit a big shank! Remember just because someone is talented in a sport dos not make them talented as a human being!

  4. One's political views are personal and I respect that. But to cast doubts on the statistic put out by healthcare professionals who are working on the frontline to keep people safe? This is where you lost it Mr Nicklaus.

  5. These guys are just class all around. The only stain on this session is that gloating reporter woman asking some off-handed tripe question about Trump….at the masters. Props to Jack just shooting it down right away.

    You have the opportunity of a lifetime to ask Jack Nicklaus and/or Gary Player a meaningful question – and you bring up some low-class question on politics that has nothing to do anything and really, betrays an extreme disconnectedness from the masters vibe. She's a self-proclaimed golf girl, gets the honor of asking a question in this forum, and goes there?

  6. When you can’t beat them join then. Gary finished his commentary expounding upon the need to meditate about the sport. To preserve the intellectual integrity of the game I think the future of golf will involve reining in the horses so to speak. Playing within the rules will involve playing within certain limits. People are most thrilled by the accuracy of the golf shot. We should never drift away from the great stature of a hero like Ben Hogan. Jack and Gary kept us huddled around the fire!

  7. Man, what was it like to see these two play in their prime…especially Jack, must have been something…I watched tiger growing up and he was absolutely Incredible (arguably the best ever, but certainly top 2)…but he was always drawing jack comparisons (in other words, he had someone that we could compare him to)…jack had nobody to be compared to, what was it like seeing that young jack nicklaus for the first time

  8. To challenge the players is to thicken the rough, harden the greens and speed up the pace. Take a page out of Pebble Beach.

  9. Jack is as much the definition of class and grace as Christine Brennan is the definition of unrelenting and, especially in this setting, terribly inappropriate snarkiness. He handled her rude question quite well. Besides, the man has every right to vote for whoever he wants.

  10. when you get the Privilege to ask the Great Jack Nicklaus a question and all you have is what advice would you give to Trump……..Priceless. stupid cow

  11. I hope Cancel Culture doesn’t cancel The Masters. Remember when the club had Black only caddies and didn’t allow women members? The modern “Wokesters” wouldn’t approve.

  12. Someone needs to instruct Mr. Player about mask hygiene. Here we have these masks, that SUPPOSEDLY protect us from the virus by blocking it either coming in or going out. So the mask soaks up the virus. This whole interview Gary is playing with his mask. Once or twice at least he rubs his eyes. Yikes!!

  13. Jack! Jack! Jack! : Jack "You Talking To Me"? From 10:32 to about 11:23 I think Jack lost his hearing. Twice, and I know want he was thinking ("Why did I open my big mouth for Donald Trump"). Earth to Jack.. Earth to Jack..

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