I’ve a FULL SET OF MIZUNO CLUBS! Me and Olivia Cowan Scramble Course Vlog

I’ve a FULL SET OF MIZUNO CLUBS! Me and Olivia Cowan Scramble Course Vlog

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46 thoughts on “I’ve a FULL SET OF MIZUNO CLUBS! Me and Olivia Cowan Scramble Course Vlog

  1. I bought a mizuno st190 driver and 3w last year or so. Performs as good as anything out there and was much cheaper! Plus from the bottom it looks like Batman's body armour 😍😍😍

  2. Pete knocking the colour blue for first 5 minutes of the video, ignoring the fact his partner is wearing the same colour head to toe … SMH lol

  3. Have to say Olivia is a great driver off the tee; amazing accuracy. Plus she commentates really well to the camera. Good luck to her in 2021 and beyond.
    Cheers and thanks for another great vlog

  4. Can I have some of your Olivias and other girls on my golf course please? If I'd ever find an Olivia here, hell she'd be at least 60 years old…

  5. I would love a video of clubs/equipment that you think people haven’t given a go because of brand like the Mizuno wedges or Wilson driving iron

  6. Had to like the video because I'm playing golf this afternoon and I need all the help I can get with my drives #90%moredriveraccuracy

  7. I never realized if u hit it straight it always goes where u want mind 🌋. Next tee time goin try that 😂😂😂

  8. Well. Gonna give that 90% accuracy like button theory a test tomorrow. Ill take whatever i can to lower my score.

  9. Take away from this vlog:
    Easy swing = fairway finder
    400 yards… just in range !
    Blue goddess of wonder!
    And Slaunch this one!
    Great video, would like to see more of you two together.

  10. I've liked the video and I'm going to test the increase of driving accuracy at the range tomorrow… I believe in science!

  11. Pete just a question
    Didn’t you decide on a vice pro plus ball
    You are still playing tp5 pix in this video and all the other

  12. I like the colour, but prefere to see what my club is made of, and cleans nicely with no scratches or scrapes showing.

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