Inside EAL’s Road Trip to Austin, Texas

As you all know, we at Random Golf Club moved from Los Angeles, CA, to Austin, Texas. Erik Anders Lang and his best friend, Beau, take us along their journey of driving from California to Texas. While the original plan was to camp at Mount Whitney, the wildfires from Northern California created different plans for our traveling duo. Instead, they detour to Las Vegas before heading to play Wolf Creek in St. George with the gentlemen behind “What’s Inside.” Follow along the journey to Austin and stay tuned for our upcoming video, “Random 18 – Best 18 Holes in Southern Utah.”

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“A Prayer for George” by Matt Large
“Always Ahead of the Game” by Matt Large
“Lost in the Dust” by Cobby Costa
“Spinning the Wheels” by Dusty Decks
“Sisu” by Jobii
“Togna” by Jobii
“Phonograph Painting” by Dusty Decks
“Golden Crates” by Dusty Decks
“Fire Drill” by Cushy

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