In 2020, PGA Of America Took Care Of Its Own

Seth Waugh, chief executive officer of the PGA of America Photo: Gerardo Mora, Getty Images

With this report, GGP+ presents the third and final story in a series this week that looks back at how the golf world adapted through the pandemic in 2020. This is an early look for our valued subscribers.

While each of the leaders of the game has various, common constituencies to serve – players, sponsors and headquarters staff – Seth Waugh has a different, outsized constituency to worry about. As chief executive officer of the PGA of America, Waugh was responsible for leading its 29,000 men and women members in 2020.

When golf was locked down in various parts of the United States early in the COVID-19 pandemic, many of those members were hurting. Layoffs and furloughs were as common in the golf industry as they were in the restaurant world.

Working with his staff and elected officers, Waugh led the effort to create the Golf Emergency Relief Fund. It was intended to provide short-term financial assistance to workers in the industry…

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