Improve Your Golf Backswing Plane

PGA Golf Professionals Piers ward and Andrew Proudman show you how to correctly swing the club on plane.

35 thoughts on “Improve Your Golf Backswing Plane

  1. Thank you so much! This is exactly what I started doing after noticing I was off plane. Keep up the awesome work!

  2. You guys are making the assumption that the ideal place for connection is the bicep area of the arms to the chest. All that does is reduce freedom in the motion and limit the potential size of the swing arc. A better connection is through the shoulders not under them. Forget the whole Jimmy Ballard connection garbage. Get the arms up off the chest, drop them in the transition back onto the plane, and pull the club into the ball with the hips "through" the shoulders.

  3. Thanks for your comment. We believe is no "ideal" place in the backswing as everyone is different. This drill is purely for someone who is struggling with their move away and to get the club on plane. This drill was done as we see the same mistakes in the move away and wanted to offer better understanding for people who struggle with this. There are lots of ways to make a good backswing and this is just one of them. We appreciate your comment, thanks for your feedback.

  4. Excellent video ! Really excellent! This will help me a lot, I didn't really realize that I was separation as much as I do! Great exercise

  5. These are the only guys I listen to. I was doing this exact move until I watced this.  I had an "aha" moment.

  6. Excellent drill guys this is what I have struggled with for years, money spent on over 6 PGA coaches, they still couldn't explain this simple drill, thanks!!!

  7. nice video , If anyone else is find out the top hints for improving their golf swing try banfan amazing golf genie (do a search on google)? Ive heard some great things about it and my cousin got cool results with it

  8. Can you use the headcover drill under the right armpit as a way of practicing this connected feeling ??

  9. Can you use the headcover under the right armpit drill as a way of practicing this more connected swing ??

  10. Same as many below, been doing exactly what you guys said. I'm still struggling with the actual movement though.

  11. brilliant, this video and the two swing plane drills really helped me. I was hitting it ok, I then reviewed by videoing my swing, felt into the trap as you say of correcting it in the wrong way, the two drills with the pro sticks helped illustrate what I should do perfectly, 

    Thanks lads!

  12. You must exaggerate the feeling to make a correction. For me, it feels as though the butt of the club is pointing at the ground behind my heels as I cock my wrists. It feels strange at first but video confirms the shaft is actually between the ball and my toes where I want it. From there I can play.

  13. what if you end up getting the clubhead too far outside the hands in the takeaway and a loss of depth in the backswing?

  14. You guys fixed my backswing issues so thank you! Just took it to the course for the first time, pictured your takeaway in my mind before each shot. Had my best round in years. I was hitting it so solid! I told the others in my foursome about your videos. They couldn't believe the turnaround in my game. Kevin

  15. I've struggled with this very problem for as long as I've played. I'm a 6 handicapper but every so often the 'layoff' creeps back into my backswing. that's a fantastic way of explaining it. keep up the great work guys thanks!

  16. Awesome advice! I was doing exactly what you have said I shouldn't which resulted in a very laid off swing and low snap hooks. Wrist set will definitely be what I work on this week. Thanks lads, love the channel!

  17. I’ve been really struggling with this ½ to ¾ back transition, the “up she comes” movement as David Leadbetter calls it for a while and this is the perfect video explaining it. This video coupled with your alignment stick brushing down the leg drill has worked amazingly, many thanks guys!

  18. Thanks for a great vid!
    Should there be a conscious effort to hinge the wrists? Or should this occur "naturally" in the swing?

  19. Great video, this has really helped understand my laid off position. Could you explain how to get width at the same time. I think trying to get as wide as possible in the backswing has caused me to get very disconnected and 'lift' the club to the top in a laid back position. Thanks.

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