I play one of the best junior golfers IN THE WORLD!

I play one of the best junior golfers IN THE WORLD Chiara Noja, 14-years-old and playing off a +5 handicap she has been invited to play in the Omega Dubai Moonlight Classic.

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32 thoughts on “I play one of the best junior golfers IN THE WORLD!

  1. HELLO EVERYONE! Drop some support for Chiara here and follow all the action from the event via the links in my description 👍

  2. Chiara, good to see you playing wonderful golf, surely it will be a great motivation for so many young guys , keep it up, best wishes.

  3. There should be more females playing golf like Chiara at her age instead of wasting their time with gadgets and mobile phones. Her future is set.

  4. Would love to play some night golf!! Chiara seems like a really nice girl and she is a great golfer!! Hope she kicks butt out there. Awesome hole out on the 2nd!! Pete I like these style of videos!!

  5. Peter Finch what on earth are you doing with that putter!?

    Well done, Chiara! You’ll no doubt be an exceptional golfer on tour.

  6. She obviously missed that putt on purpose and was just testing out her acting skills to make you believe she didn't. She just likes being good at EVERYTHING!

  7. That was seriously impressive, what an insipration she is. She plays really good and seems so cool/calm about it. I hope her all the best in her long career as a golfer!

  8. I only started playing yesterday, there was a group of 12 years old. They were fantastic! Yet here's me not even connecting with the ball! Lol. Fair play to these kids who play, and massive shout to the parents to who support their kids in their sports

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