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Listen up as Dustin Johnson, Jon Rahm, Collin Morikawa and Matthew Wolff break down all things having to do with their wedge game. These top golfers cover the proper layup yardages, how they set up their wedge configuration (including why DJ games a 64° wedge), how they play bunker shots and shots around the greens, the importance of bounce and a whole lot more in this 9-minute discussion captured at the 2019 TaylorMade Golf Photoshoot. What’s the one piece of info you’re taking away from this conversation?

27 thoughts on “How Tour Pros Break Down Close Approach Shots | TaylorMade Golf

  1. Just want to say thank you for listening to the comments and putting out longer form discussion around these topics as well as the short cut clean information videos

  2. I get you want answers from the pros but come on…. asking them to explain bounce? I can hear Dustin's eyes rolling even with the bad audio lol

  3. Glad they left Rory out of this convo. He talks too much nonsense. When Dustin talks you know he’s spittin truth.

  4. Taylormade probably spends soo much money on these videos and probably finds a way for 20 people to be on the production team and the audio was trash and these videos are cringy. Like how

  5. Wow these guys are morons. They’re all better from 50 yards vs 85 yards. Crazy that this “common wisdom” still exists

  6. "Its almost like a Driver how you have that forgiveness" – Jon Rahm. Only a pro would think a driver is a forgiving club

  7. This content is so good. More manufacturers need to follow in the footsteps of Taylormade in terms of getting their players talking about what they like and dislike about their game and equipment. Would be so good for the game as a whole.

  8. Multi million dollar company and your audio sounds like someone whose doing a podcast for the first time because of coronavirus

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