How To Stop Your Slice Using A Coat hanger

How tot stop your slice using a coat hanger with Meandmygolf PGA Professionals Piers ward and Andy Proudman.

23 thoughts on “How To Stop Your Slice Using A Coat hanger

  1. Great video I was trying to watch your videos but could not hear you talking…I plugged headphones in and can hear you perfect now

  2. Just sew a training aid like this costs 60 dollars in US. This costs virtually nothing. Having exact problem with my driver. Will try this one. Keep it coming.

  3. hi guys,would you fellas be so kind to do a video on the one plane v's two plane swing.i do know the difference myself,but its the fundamentals i struggle with,for example is it the same swing for all clubs in the bag?should i release the club differently?.whats the pros and cons of both types of swings..ive being playing 6years now and got down to a 9 handicap with a baseball swing feeling{leadbetter}which has given me a one plane swing.i just need more understanding to build on.many thanks ROB

  4. The audio commentary is only on the right channel, but the music intro / outro is on both channels – may explain the issue that Klarkus mentions

  5. Really enjoying your channel; it's helped me a lot, thanks.

    Just have a question, do you always have to make a full shoulder turn, even in 3/4 shots? I do find my tempo is better when I make a full shoulder turn.

    P.s. Fantastic hole, wish there was a water trap like that on my course.

  6. Thanks for your comment. Sometimes playing a 3/4 shot can be difficult to control your tempo. We would definitely sat that you don't have to make a full turn but it is important to find a way that you can play a 3/4 shot consistently. Whether it be controlling speed or turn. If making a full turn but regulating speed works well for you then stick with that.

  7. Just took some video this morning and have the same issues. Look forward to trying out this drill.

    Great stuff guys. Best golf instruction on YouTube, IMO.

  8. I am having trouble with cupped left wrist and open club face at top of back swing, very difficult to diagnose without a mirror. I always miss to the right and never hook the ball. This video will help me. Great tip again lads and excellent video quality and graphics. What video program do you use?

  9. I watch a lot of your videos, thought I had seen them all, but this one must have fallen through the cracks because I only recently discovered it.  They are all very helpful, some more then others, but this one has actually been a game-changer for me.  Once I got the feel for pushing the hanger into my forearm I was able to do it without the hanger and have been striking the ball more consistently without the push/slice I was struggling with previously.  Many thanks!!!

  10. Guys , THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU !!!! . I can't believe how well this tip worked. I had been slicing and losing distance on my irons for a few years now and could not figure out why. This one tip has allowed me to dig into the golf ball, compress it again and regain most of my distance and accuracy that has been wanting these last few years . It was an instant help . Thanks again !!!!!

  11. YES! Thank you guys so much haha! I've been looking for a fix for my cupped left wrist and the injury as a result, fo ages! Also I can use a hangar instead of paying £50 for a training aid, again thanks so much lads

  12. Do you like the coat hanger or maybe a ruler into the back of the glove drill better? Both drill on getting rid of cupping the wrist

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