How to stop slicing your driver simple golf tips with Mark Crossfield. Mark Crossfield golf professional shares simple golf tips for curing the golf slice with your driver. Stop slicing the driver off to the right and improve your golf swing today with this live golf lesson. a real student finding a simple cure for her golf swing and a simple golf swing cure for the slice golf drives. Let me know in the comments below if you have struggled with slice drives and what you have done to try and fix this golf swing fault. When if comes to free simple to use factual based golf lessons Mark Crossfield’s golf videos where the 1st and are still the best for students who do not want the same old golf cliches that have hurt golfers for years.

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  1. Mark, I'm not sure if you ever watch the athletic motion golf guys with their motion capture, but they had a video recently that I think coincides with the ideas you gave your daughter here. You tell her to chuck away the angles and in AMG's video they mention that top pros decrease the bend in their trail elbow and lower their hands very early in the downswing. I think these are pretty similar ideas with different swing thoughts and feels. I'd be interested to hear if you see that relation the way I do and if you think one or the other is a better way of getting someone to square the face and change club path or if they both work. My guess would be it depends on the person and how they implement them.

  2. Its amazing that when you slow down swing with your tech and explain what's going on with the wrist, the dynamics are clearer for all of us to see! For years we have all been told, "don't 'cast' the club" so as a result, many of us have learned to adjust our swings by closing the club at address and hold the shaft lean angle or try and time a "release" right hand over left at impact to remove that open face. Good luck with that! The idea of throwing the club back and I suspect with a slightly bowed wrist (rather than cupped), will help alot. The wrist is a VERY complex part of the body and has many angles to adjust and hard to explain using words alone! Well done Mark as usual! Kudos to your daughter who seems very comfortable working with her dad on her swing! Love it!

  3. Thanks Mark, my issue too … just tried this thought out on course and perfect results, longer straighter flatter results through the bag ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. She did great! Do more videos with her! Being able to see the differences in the before and after with a slower swing speed was a lot easier.

  5. Hi Mark great video interesting to see how minor adjustments can make such a difference just needs the Pro eye to point them out.
    I noticed that when you last posted a video with Finula on her back swing she would straighten her right leg in effect pushing her hip back increasing her range of rotation. She no longer does this is because of your teaching? Just wonder as a 60year I do this not for the rotation but I find as I do this I load my weight to the left and at the point of contact I am pushing up with the left foot not to the point of any the foot losing contact. I tried to use a conventional rotation but found i lost distance and accuracy. Your thoughts?

  6. I've done a few things to improve my drive in the past couple of weeks. I have started lifting my left heel during the back swing, which gives me pressure feedback on the downswing and I try to extend my arms from the start of the downswing. I have noticed improvements and when it all clicks the ball flies like a dream. I do like the "casting" analogy and as angler I'll be trying this at the driving range next chance I get. I think this is an improvement on my arm extension because it will be clear in my head as to what I am trying to achieve. Good video and lesson. Thanks

  7. You hit on something here that I find works better with me. Working on a feel rather than focusing on a technique seems to hit home with me. This lesson will give me something new to work on.

  8. I have been blocking my driver to the right for some time. I just tried this and lo and behold it works. Fantastic many thanks Mark

  9. Great coaching with simple ideas so well communicated. Massive props to your daughter too as she is very open to being coached, is a great listener and has the intelligence and athletic ability to immediately implement the ideas being communicated. These are abilities not everyone has. That bodes extremely well for her continued learning and enjoyment of golf, which is such as fabulous sport. I can see your daughter improving rapidly and becoming a very good golfer in the future if she continues down this path. Bravo to both of you! Thank you very much for sharing.

  10. This isn't something I struggle with (my struggles are in 20 other places) but I loved this video from a dad/daughter perspective. So โ€” ridiculously โ€” impressed with your daughter's willingness to have this instruction happen on video. Beyond golf, I think that speaks so well of your relationship with her Mark. Props. (Plus, her ability to immediately implement your instruction speaks well not just of your instruction but of her talent!)

  11. I haven't seen it in this way before. I am a leftie and all of my hits end up slicing right. But I like the analogy of casting the fishing rod. I am going to try and remember this the next time I am at the range to see if that fixes my slice. Thank you

  12. I liked this video Mark. I'm pull hooking at the moment and I understand all these things you talk about but it's good to see how simple things can make a difference so quickly, backed by data. It's given me some ideas.

    Well done 'F'nu'. That swing is coming on. One to watch for the future me thinks ๐Ÿ‘

  13. Mark, this is one of the most helpful golf tips I've had in years. It's improved the strike on all my clubs and greatly improved the "open club face" misses. All my kids have the same miss your daughter has and the first time I took my youngest son to play and taught him this swing thought he saw immediate improvement with all clubs. I guess there's casting the club and then there's casting the club. Thanks!

  14. Very good video!. I had a teacher, who told me to swing the club head through the ball, not the grip!. I changed immediately because I could instantly visualise this happening!. Golf is just the most amazing mental game!. Love it!.

  15. Hi Mark, when Finula pulls the trigger with her driver, she cracks her wrists back (before the arms take away) which gives her so much wrist angle it must be hard for her to recover these angles back at the ball. Would it help, instead of casting the downswing to recover the wrist angles to try a take away with "quieter" wrists ?
    P.s Finula – beautiful, calm, courteous,capable, good kids are a result of a good environment…

  16. I am very impressed with your relationship with your daughter! You worked extremely well together for very fast positive results.

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