PGA Professionals Piers Ward and Andy Proudman of Meandmygolf give another swing analysis to a viewer. This weeks fix to to help stop shanking the golf ball


  1.                                                                                                                                  Hey guys that video was awesome. I live in united states or I would come for a lesson. I've been playing golf for about 7 years and developed the shanks out of no where.  When i'm  playing good i'm in the low 80s. I tried all kinds of things to stop the shanks but they keep comming back and killing my game, until I watched your video and it explanded  what was hapening keeping club head behind my hands at parallel point 3 seams to be working . I'm excited to play golf again     
                        thank you

  2. I think that a movement of the hands towards the body close to impact will have the desired effect of missing the tee's but will not have cured the fault of the club head being outside the plane. Do you have a drill which will specifically help cure this ?

  3. hmm. maybe this is what I'm doing wrong.  I thought it was instability with my stance through the swing but maybe it is this plane issue. I'll try it out! thanks guys.

  4. This tip made me realize what I was doing and FIXED my shanks. I used a head cover instead of the tees and as soon as I hit the cover it was like a giant light bulb turned on and I realized what I was doing wrong. I'm now hitting my irons much, much better. Thank you!!!

  5. Andy, Piers thanks for this awesome visual. I had a rare case of the shanks and knew exactly where to look for help. I watched this in my car before I went out yesterday: Zero shanks and nice contact. Thanks again blokes!

  6. Thanks for tip.  Recently I changed my swing and I started to shank a lot. Just couldn't figure out what was I doing wrong. Lucky saw your tip and its working much better. Even though now I am thinning quite ofton, but I guess I need to stay down and practice. Thanks guys.

  7. Hi I don't shank my irons on the range but I have been shanking them on the course I don't mean once or twice I mean its every time I hit the irons I stoped doing it for about two weeks but its back, can you help victor

  8. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! so very much for the video on how to stop shanking the golf ball. I was hitting a bucket of balls on the range yesterday and was halfway through the bucket and suddenly…… I was shanking the ball like 'Tin Cup' and could not stop. I was so upset and went home drank a big glass on wine and pulled up your video. Went out to the range this morning and used your tips and MAGIC! my swing is back!! Thanks again! Mark from Hood River, Oregon (10 Handicap.

  9. How do you Brits say it? BRILLIANT! It never occurred to me that an over the top move could cause a shank as well.

    I feel as if it all comes down to sequence of the swing. If the arms even go a little to soon, problems start.

    This is great stuff. Keep up the great work.

  10. This is the best anti shank video I've ever watched. No one on YouTube has explained the over the top position from halway down. The clubface getting outside the hands is exactly what I was doing when swinging badly.
    Showed it to my dad and he is of the same opinion.
    Great video and great channel guys 😃

  11. I hope this cures my shanks! I go through these "spells" and it drives me crazy! Can't wait to hit the range and see if this helps. Thanks for the video!!

  12. Cracking vid, I play off 17 and 6 weeks ago I got the shanks while on a golf holiday, I have been struggling with them ever since it's destroyed my game and confidence, just watched this video and it made so much sense, so straight to the range and what do you know NO SHANKS
    Thanks lads

  13. Great video. Thanks! I have been working on correcting an over the top swing, but suddenly started shanking. Discovered the problem from your video. The butt of your club on the downswing points to the 1:002:00 o'clock position. I was given (what I can see now) some bad advice by pointing the butt to the 12 o'clock; which probably was throwing my hands behind the club face. Off to the range I go.

  14. Thanks guys, really informative, i suffered from a case of this, seemed to come from nowhere, i'm off to the range !

  15. hey guys i have a handicap of 8 but now days i shank it sometimes. At my range we practice off turf. what can i use instead of tees?

  16. I`ve just discovered a simple, instant and super-effective way to stop shanking the golf ball. Contact me and I will share this with you!

  17. With my driver and woods I draw the ball but when i attempt using irons, I shank even when pitching. Is this the reason why im shanking?

  18. If the club head comes outside the plane like this near the bottom of the swing. Isn't that just the sign of a natural fade?

  19. I was playing really decent golf but a shank started!!! I know your pain if you have experienced it. I tried everything mentioned on Youtube but nothing worked. Got lessons that I cannot really afford but still shanked. This is how my chipping would go, I would chip 60ish ball from 40m to 75m and land all balls really close to the flag but once one ball was shanked then so would be the next 40! Here is my fix, concentrate on the shaft position coming down and not the club face (Aim to be 2 inches closer to you than club face). Sounds too simple! It works for me, cannot wait for my game on Sunday.

  20. Great explanation, but I'd love to see a follow-up video on what body movement causes this move and what specific body movement keeps the club inside.

  21. so I started doing this drill and I noticed that when I put the cover there, I get really good contact and the shot is great. But once I remove the cover and try to hit a normal shot, I either shank it or hit it fat

  22. 1:01 The backswing is an issue mate. He pulls the club back too flat inside the swing plane. The momentum of this move carries the weight of the club head over the top of the swing plane in the downswing.
    The proper queue would be to take the club out along the target line (Justin Rose preaches this) during the backswing to set up for an inside out swing at the top. Hope this helps someone, cheers

  23. I started getting the shanks recently, after never having them and this video totally helped me out. Remembering during an entire round remains to be seen.

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