PGA Professionals Piers Ward and Andy Proudman of Meandmygolf explain how to practise golf in the winter months


  1. Good vid guys. Wouldn't want to pick Tiger driving as a visualisation unless you want to groove a huge height loss from transition to impact though, ha 🙂
     I have used slo-mo practice routines for sometime now ever since I read a paper on peak performance by Anders Ericsson (Florida State Uni) Doing a number of slo-mo drills with or without a club .. (geek alert!! … I made a 2 foot long 6i cut down from an old club with the many wraps to get the grip the right size to use through the winter. Something I believe Faldo did to use in his hotel room whilst on tour using slo-mo drills.) it really does work, repeating the swings/drills & focussing on different parts of the body, right shoulder movement or left hip, footwork, or knees etc. can say it helped me enormously for sure, you just have to get over the 'looking like a complete dork' thing first though! 

  2. Great video guys, can you make a "part 2" video showing this deep slow swing from an aerial (above the head) perspective with the DRIVER?  I would like to see where the shoulders, the back of the left hand (for right handed players) and the club face are at impact.  The reason im asking for an "aerial view" is because thats the way we see the swing when we're actually attempting it ourselves, thus making it easier to understand for visual learners.  Thank you

  3. This is something I already use in my full swing practice, but can you recommend any way of improving my short game in the winter, as I don't have access to an area where I can chip and pitch?

  4. Watching you do the golf swing slowly like that gave me a much better understanding than watching it done fast. I can never see whats going on when its full speed. Could you do a slow motion swing with a club. Brilliant as ever guys – Thanks!

  5. Can you maybe make a video with the 'perfect' swing in slomo executed by you from different angles? Would be a nice addition to this video 😉

  6. I am shocked how well deep practice has helped my game. Have been doing this for about a month and finally got a chance to get to some warm weather over the holiday. Ball striking has never been better. Thanks!!!!

  7. When I try to hit a draw I try to come from inside to out and sometimes when I do that I hit behind the ball. What should I do?

  8. You may also wish to read Matthew Syed's (former British No1 Table Tennis player and Olympic representative for GB) book, "Bounce" which clear demonstrates that talent is overrated and skills are learned via deep/targeted practice. Great read, as good as, if not better than "The Talent Code". I wish I read it when I was 12 and not 50 when it was way too late.

  9. "Deep practice" with the use of power bands is even better….Trust me, you'll be sore in all the right places, with or without the power bands, but in the spring you'll be crushing the center of the ball consistently.

    It will transform your game, I guarantee it.

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