How To Play A High Bunker Shot With Stop

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How To Play A High Bunker Shot With Stop with Mark Crossfield and Matt Lockey PGA professionals. Mark and Matt talk about their two different styles of bunker shots and how they make them work for their golf games. Watch how Mark plays it more old style where mMatt uses a more direct approach to show us all some Lockey magic. Get up and down more with improved short game and better bunker play. This video was filmed at the amazing East Devon golf club top 100 golf course.

33 thoughts on “How To Play A High Bunker Shot With Stop

  1. I lost my bunker technique. It ended with me calling the local golf pro at my golfclub. The pro showed me Matts style and it worked really good for me. After the bunker shot lesson I went out on the course to play a round of golf. I did end up in lots of bunkers around the greens and I managed to get the ball out of them all with great result.

  2. so if I'm getting this you don't want to really aim right at the flag with your feet and culb at least with old school

  3. This and the chipping over the bunker video are the 2 most useful Videos on YouTube. I miss a lot of greens and hit one of these every other hole it seems.

  4. to be honest, I've been taught a bit of both. dig feet deep in, open my club face (60 degree) and open stance, feet not too spread, but I also have my aim near square to target, hands behind the ball….I think a combo of these two styles may work better for me. I'm a fairly tall and long-armed guy so maybe this is why? (sorry for the long post, I'm a blue-collar amateur, hope it made sense)

  5. This level of coaching I don't find that helpful. The best bunker play video available on youtube is Phil Mickelson's Secrets of the short game. Multiple Major winner knows what he is on about and it sorted out my inability to play bunkers well no end

  6. 'Mark, you said "lower your hands" – what does that mean – lower on the club grip or lowering / shallowing the club handle itself?

  7. As I learned more about golf and my swing my bunker shots got worse. Less knowledge some days is better. Thank you! I enjoyed seeing both techniques. Very useful. I am going to try this next week. Currently struggling in bunker because watched too many alternative bunker techniques.

  8. God love you, Crossfield, but that's the worst golf outfit a course has seen since Doug Sanders circa 1974…or Spiranac c. 2018. Thank your lucky stars Under Armour rescued you.

  9. Found this video during lockdown, thank you so much for the simple swing thought description. Hit 5 green side bunkers yesterday, before lockdown I would still be in them but using the Lockey magic method I managed to up and down from 4 ! (I’m a 24 hcap btw!) #CoachDoesShortGame

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