How To NOT Get Out of a Bunker

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How To NOT Get Out of a Bunker with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru and Gorilla James James Wiltshire. Mark and James are at Desert Spring golf club in Spain hitting shots from a greens side bunker with a twist. Watch and learn how NOT to get out of a bunker and how Not to get lower scores and your handicap down.

18 thoughts on “How To NOT Get Out of a Bunker

  1. Bob…if you want the length of a 2 iron but you feel you hit the ball a bit too high with the 2 iron loft, you may want to bend it to a less severe loft. This maintains the same distance and length of the club while lower the flight path the ball will take

  2. If you've got sufficient clubhead speed (which Gorilla does), a 1 and 2 iron can keep the ball low and produce loads of rollout distance. Good for windy conditions. No way in hell I could ever play one though!

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