How to Move Your Hips Through Impact

PGA Golf Professionals Andy Proudman and Piers Ward demonstrate how to move your hips through impact.

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30 thoughts on “How to Move Your Hips Through Impact

  1. Sorry, guys. You have it wrong. Active hips through Impact have zero influence on the club. What was active, at the start of the downswing must become an effective PLATFORM for the core muscles to deliver the club. Some tour players have open hips at Impact, yes, but NONE of them are turning their hips.

  2. Hi Michael, thanks for your comment. This video is purely to let people understand that the hips should be open at impact. However, the rotation of the hips has a big influence on the golf club but I do agree the majority of tour players will have their hips open at impact although they will have rapidly decelerated to allow for a good kinematic sequence. The majority of golfers we see are very square at impact so we just want people to understand where we would ideally like to be. Thanks

  3. The hips have 100% influence on the motion of the club at the start of the downswing, it has ZERO influence during the delivery of the club. Nada, zilch nothing!!!
    Put yourself in the delivery position with your arms in front of your body and the club parallel and horizontal. Now fire your hips like you have demonstrated. The club will not even move!
    Yes the hips should be open but the golfer must not use his hips to achieve this. If they do it will interfere with the delivery.

  4. Weight on the left heel at impact may be a great tip for me. I feel my weight has been more towards the toe, do you think this could be related to swinging over-the-top?

  5. hi guys, i am from Malaysia. 1stly, i envy ur weather, with the weather u hv in the video, i cud b on the course the whole day!! It is hot, sunny and humid here in Malaysia. 2ndly, i hv been playing golf for almost 4 yrs now and i am instructional junkie. TQ for this video, this is the 1st video, to me that is, that shows 'hip clearance' during impact – others just 'swish' thru on tis subject .. TQ so much guys. Take care.

  6. Thanks for your comment. The summer here at the moment is great but the winters can get very cold so we are making the most out of it at the moment. Glad you like the video! Please keep us posted and just let us know if you have any questions!

  7. Well … I gotta hand it to you guys …. this has certainly change my GOLF GAME and LIFE – I tried this and 2 other video – I'm even DRIVING more ACCURATE and STRAIGHTER … .WOW … Swing Plane and Wrists – Down Stroke …. THANKS A MILLION.

  8. for god sake compared to main lesson voice volume ,start up/closing music noise is damn too loud….keep rushing for volume adjustments when start up or closing meandmy
    golf promo comes

  9. Thanks for the comment. We obviously have lots of people asking us that question. We actually run a competition through Facebook where you can win an analysis but we are also setting up online coaching as we speak. This will hopefully launch with our website in the next couple of weeks.

  10. The right hip should be higher in the backswing Ron but I certainly wouldn't tell any of my students to do this. In fact, so many golfers get the right hip too high so we would actually encourage them to "feel" the opposite. Hope that make sense?

  11. Hello All .
    I notice that my left foot marking on the turf looks like I am pivoting on the ball of my feet, as there looks like a twisting on the grass. . every time I hit a shot . .

  12. Great tip. I need to get more hip movement than I do. Check out my vid of my swing on youtube. Let me know what I could work on. Thanks

  13. When I used to hit my irons they could go anywhere weather that be along the ground or when I hit a decent one it faded now with hip rotation I can hit a natural draw. Thanks guys my handicap came down from 25 to 18 in about 3 weeks

  14. just by practicing the mechanics in my bedroom, i felt the pressure on my left hip and inside part of my right foot. It was like an arc of motion. I'm a beginner.

  15. 1:53 meandmycheeks 
    Seriously though, very helpful video gents. Would I be right in thinking my over rotation contributes to my hooks?

  16. So, if I straighten my left leg at impact, will that change the height of my club on the downswing, thus making me hit thin?

  17. I never have been able to hit my irons real good but after I watched this i went outside and hit a few shot and i could see and feel the difference. Thanks for your help guys!

  18. Great drill guys. You really have to do it slowly at the beginning to make sure you have it right before progressing to half shots and then full shots. Thanks for the clear instruction.

  19. Hey guys! I like your instruction in the weight transition to the left heel. Great point! I see a lot of high handicappers and even some better players…the weight moves too much on the balls and toes instead of the heel. Can you provide a series of instruction on the causes and effects (pros/cons) of weight distribution flaws and possible fixes? Thanks!

  20. it's always easy to forget about the hips because they are so far away from your hands in the swing. I have a natural tendency to try and correct with my hands. It took me a few months because my friend pointed out just how closed my hips were at impact. I would turn them early but wouldn't finish the turn. As a result I couldn't hold my lag, take decent divots, etc. I was releasing much earlier than I thought I was.

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