How To Make a Emotional 7 on a Par 4 at El Valle GC

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How To Make a Emotional 7 on a Par 4 at El Valle GC with Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru, Steve Buzza and YourGolfTravel’s Rory. Playing around El Valle golf course in Spain this is part of Mark’s Spain golf trip. Watch as Mark makes very hard work of a long par four at this stunning golf course. With some of the fastest greens Mark and the guys have played on in the Spain golf holiday El Valle is a great test of golf. Watch the guys hitting driver off the tee, irons and pitches into greens and putting for pars and birdies. Play your best golf and have fun at the same time with Mark Crossfield’s golf videos.

36 thoughts on “How To Make a Emotional 7 on a Par 4 at El Valle GC

  1. Great to watch a mirror of my golf zero course management, we never learn, should have taken your medicine Mark 5 would have been o.k.
    Divot lie was typical one at my course Isla Canela, the putter is useful club off green when you hit down a la Japanese Tour Player tip works a treat. Lol…

  2. Great videos…love watching you guys hit the ball around. Was wondering if there would be any chance you could do a review on Scor Wedges. In the wedge market and they have been getting some hype…just wondering your thoughts and if they are worth the sticker price compared to other top wedge manufactures. Thanks and keep the videos coming!

  3. Excellent!!!  I can't count the number of times I've done the same thing or witnessed someone doing the same thing!…the lob out of the divot is classic!!  Golf is a cruel mistress!!!!

  4. Haha! Stayed there for a week in 2009, the bunker is the line for the drive on the second!  Loved the course and definitely had a few sevens of my own!

  5. Great video as per usual, thank goodness, there is someone else out there who also makes a 7 on a par 4………… But not often.

  6. That's not that bad, once I made a 12 on a dead strait par 4 OB on left and pine trees on the right, and if I had just made an 11 I would've qualified for individuals:( I birdied the next hole tho!!

  7. What kind of shoes was Roy wearing? I've noticed Miguel Angel Jimenez with the same pair. They look great up close

  8. Hi, I seem to be lost. Does anyone know how I can get back to Mark PARfield's youtube channel?

    Haaa, you had such high hopes for that lob shot… don't play the hero shot!

  9. Don't you guys ever have a ball behind you? You play like you're alone, if I was behind you I would throw my wedge at you guys for taking so long 

  10. Unbelievably entertaining video.  My laughter was directed as inward as it was outward!  The putt not going in at the end.  Just too perfect a finish to a brilliant hole.  We've certainly all been there.

  11. the joy of this video is less about the golf and more about giving it a go. I wonder how many pros would have turned off the video only to have turned it back on again 10 minutes later… Saying that, what of the first hole!?

  12. This made me feel a whole lot better as I played this course last month and it ripped me up
    Lovely course but very tricky

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