How To Make a 10 on a Par 5 El Valle Golf Course

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How To Make a 10 on a Par 5 El Valle Golf Course with Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru, Steve Buzza and YourGolfTravel’s Rory. The guys are playing around El Valle golf course in Spain and the Rory show begins on this long par 5. With some of the fastest greens played in the area the El Valle golf course is a great place to play your golf and be tested. Watch the guys hitting drivers from the tee, irons into greens and lots and lots of Rory pitching. Play your best golf and have fun doing it with Mark’s easy and fun golf videos.

49 thoughts on “How To Make a 10 on a Par 5 El Valle Golf Course

  1. If the buggy would be a part of that hole i would call that "a fantastic approach".
    Thanks a lot for this video!

  2. Lovely looking course. It's a shame you lot are the ones to hack round it! No matter who you are, everybody has a 7 or a 10. Chin up Rory, we all do it

  3. I once had to hit a similar shot over golf carts like this.
    My balled dropped INTO my friend's golf bag! After we all fell over laughing, had no idea what to do next!?

  4. I want to say thanks for the great videos, especially the tip videos because I shot 31 on 9 holes today and i have learned a lot from you!

  5. haha Toptastic.. my game used to be "Toptastic" but sneaky long aka marky mark crossfield changed that!!!!! LEGEND status

  6. Poor Rory. He played so well in Portugal. Spanish nights seems to be interfering on his golf. Hehe. Very funny video. Greetings from Brazil.

  7. Yeh Rory looks like one of those golfers who are very good but has a couple of blowups during a round. I know alow of people found it hard to believe his 9 handicap with how consistently well he was playing, these blowups are why. Kept his cool though, if that were me my golf clubs would have been thrown around lol.

    Nice to see Buzza in the vlogs again, the big man seems a little rusty. He's a very good player, watched some vlogs from during the summer with you and the buzzman and he was excellent. Some of the comments people said about him were disappointing to see. He is obviously going through the winter rough patch that we all have when we're not playing as much golf. 

    Will Diamond be featuring in any future vlogs mark? He has such a good swing.

  8. I think Rory took a 9! It was 6 from the bush (near the buggies) and "up and down for an 8" from the hill. He's onto the green for 7, two putt for 9. Rory is still a single figure……wait…..

  9. Great video….I need to adapt Rory's attitude when I start hacking it, as I usually do. Very frustrating game, the more you care, the worse you get.

  10. I hope Rory didn't hit my house on the 5th hole! 😉
    Great video guys, had a laugh as always 🙂

  11. I reckon Timmy must have slipped his partners a couple of Valium to keep them calm. Playing with him every Saturday would drive me bonkers. Incredibly easy to run up crazy scores on Spanish courses even when you're playing ok. Very watchable, though, even with Timmy's endless gibberings.

  12. i like watching these course blog type videos a lot. you guys are fun to watch. however, id like to see crossfield get on with it alittle. Seems like he really really likes the attention to be on him, and takes minutes sometimes talking about the golf shot he's about to take, whereas when its someone else's shot he's rushing  them along it seems. idk just my opinion. keep making these videos i love watching them and seeing all the cool courses you guys get to play

  13. Mark will be right down the middle of the fwy and he'll hit it a semi good shot and say,"That was good from there!" 😂😂😂

  14. I like Crossfield but great shots by others don't receive much credit; his average shots on the other hand receive exaggerated self praise. He calls negative shots on his mates almost every time. It's clearly part of his game – likes to get in peoples' heads but in a seemingly innocent way. Bit douchebaggery really.

  15. Still love you guys! Can't wait to see Rory in one of the vids again. Still also a bit drunk as well

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