How To Hole More Putts

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How To Hole More Putts with Mark Crossfield and Glenn Billington. mark and glenn talk about routine and how to get the golf ball in the hole with a professional approach. Play your best golf and have a good day on the putting green with good green reading and a professional attitude.

34 thoughts on “How To Hole More Putts

  1. I was in Costa Blanca not too far from Murchia this spring for a golf holiday. I broke my putting during my holiday, constantly missing when under 1 meter. If i'd only known there was a brilliant putting instructor near me, I would have picked his brain about putting to last me the next 2 years. Great videos Mark and Glenn! And I've noticed you two have figured out how to talk in turns, rather than both of you talking over each other like in the earlier videos.

  2. I find I read the put best from underneath the hole. So if I have an up hill put I'll read it from behind or if I have a downhill put I'll go round the other side. I never read from both sides! Personally I don't do practice strokes as I like to just line it up and feel the distance 1st time

  3. Does anyone else notice the camera angle makes the perspective looks as if Glenn's a giant and Marks a dwarf? Then when Glenn moves to the hole, Mark looks like a giant. Lol

  4. some of the best golfers in the world say dont think about it to much cause you might confuse yourself and thatll kill the putt

  5. normally line it up by checking behind the ball towards the hole. one or two practice swings to get the feel and then trust the line and pace from there. If I over-think it I step back and just go for my routine again.

  6. If I'm going to be honest (a phrase that means, let me speak honestly because I'm going to!), then I'll have to ask, why was the other bloke there?