How To Hole A Foot Putt Golf Lesson

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How To Hole A Foot Putt Golf Lesson with Mark Crossfield, AskGolfGuru, Matt Lockey and Rory’s YourGolfTravel. Watch the boys trying to hole a foot putt on the amazing Ocean golf course in Portugal. Have fun playing golf and enjoy Marks golf videos for a better golf game.

24 thoughts on “How To Hole A Foot Putt Golf Lesson

  1. stop making silly video's, start testing some material again… you are missing out on new stuff right now, loosing interest!

  2. Love the v-logs mark! I remember the 1st one at manor house with Rory! I really struggle 3/4 footers- I think it's my alignment- can you do a lesson on this length of putts? Thanks

  3. I read the title quickly as "How do hole a FOUR putt" – thought this was going to be a video mocking @coachlockey unfollow again hahha

  4. Mark should go first more on these challenges because he can just see what went wrong for the others, I'm sure if Rory went last he'd have done it coz he's BEAST innit. Wazzard spruce!

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