How To Hit Your DRIVER Straight! | One SIMPLE Set Up Change | ME AND MY GOLF

How To Hit Your DRIVER Straight! | One SIMPLE Set Up Change – In this weeks video we give one of our members Steven a lesson. Steven was struggling with his driver and was consistently pushing and topping his drives from the tee. With just one simple set up change we were able to getting him hitting his driver straight again!

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25 thoughts on “How To Hit Your DRIVER Straight! | One SIMPLE Set Up Change | ME AND MY GOLF

  1. We are going to be doing plenty more of these style of videos, so we would like to ask you, what area would you like to see us improve in someone’s game? Comment down below👇

  2. Great lesson. How about irons ball position? If I hit 10 balls on the range could hit 3 left 3 right and 4 fairly straight. So many swing thoughts going on

  3. I have this same issue with my irons is it a similar fix for my irons. They always flare to the right, it is great contact in center of the face but the ball goes to the right and has a little turn to the right as well. Would I fix that the same way

  4. Please bring back Challenge tuesdays! You can always redo the challenges and rename it to episode 2 etc and I don’t believe it would make it any less entertaining

  5. Another part of the k bomb drill is I move the clubhead slightly back from the ball, this helps strike the ball on the up

  6. Wow, pretty nice swing for a 24 new golfer. Would like to see video about generating power. Where it comes from, where you can lose it and how to maximize.

  7. Great video again chaps basically the same mistakes Stephen was making, a live lesson would be a great Xmas present for myself keep up the good work.

  8. Where to focus your eyes. It is brought up with putting, but not full swings. I've been trying different focus points, back of the ball slightly on the inside for driver and woods off the tee. About 4 inches forward of the ball with irons. Seems to work, but I'd like your opinions.

  9. Hi @meandmygolf i am so appreciative of this video! I watched this as soon as it came out. I have alignment sticks and did this setup at home, I played 9 holes the day after and I tried this method and I was hitting bombs straight down the fairway! It was actually incredible. I hope I remember to do this from now on. You guys are incredible. Please keep utilising 15-25 handicappers as your students in the video. Thank you again! You guys rock!

  10. I'm heading to the range today, and am a 3-4 month long paying member, and this is definitely exactly my issue with driver. The MeAndMyGolf program has already transformed my irons and swing – the driver is the only thing I push/slice these days, so now on to the next improvement! Absolutely worth the money and great tutorials/reminders before going to the range. Small buckets, with dedicated goals, slowly hit.

  11. Hi, I actually wished to say that i really liked your content, congratulations!

    I have subscribed to your C h a n n e l 😉 Maybe, You can do the same and we will become "real" Youtube friends

  12. Love this guys, been struggling with my driver and can now use this to reset and get back to the basics…. really enjoy seeing amateurs and the changes your guidance makes to them

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