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PGA professionals Piers Ward and Andy Proudman of Meandmygolf explain how to hit the fairway wood pure of the ground


  1. The day I finally found my 3 wood swing and started crushing it was magical. First time I thought it was a fluke but then I kept doing it and it was the best feeling ever.

  2. Most important wood in my bag. For years I have been able to work my balls in fairways and at pins with every club in my bag except my driver. The 3w has allowed me to put balls in the fairway off the tee without losing massive distance.

  3. These guy's simplify the information. It's great! Makes it easy to bring to the driving range

  4. So, 5-1/2 minutes to learn to find the flat spot in my swing and make sure I have a lofted enough club.

  5. 3 wood is the most INCONSISTENT club in my bag. I hit all the types of shots. I hit it fat, I top the shit out of it, I shank it high right, I sometimes it hit decent and every once in a while hit it like a pro. I'm so frustrated with the fairway wood.

  6. Very informative video. Ball position is key in hitting the 3 wood. Must be at the bottom of the arc (flat spot). Thanks for another helpful video. Cheers.

  7. Thansk for your videos: I'm in my 1st year of golf @ 43 yrs old and I've improved from 66 on a 9 hole to a 45 on same course in 2.5 months time last fall so I'm excited to get out again I live in Utah, USA we have some great public courses !! , thanks very much for your help and time! We love ya'wl

  8. I found that playing the ball further back in my stance stopped the topping issue and enabled me to strike the ball pure. I almost never top it anymore. Love my Ping G 400 Woods. Spider Dubiel

  9. You guys put out great content and all, but do you seriously have to wear matching outfits in every single video? It's a little weird.

  10. aim at striking the ball i guess.
    i used to hit this club alot better before i started learning to play, when i just tried to hit the ball, basically.
    gotta give it a go.

  11. Played this week with mostly woods. Left most of my irons at home. Glad I did. Less effort and easy to hit. Really improved my game. Bye bye irons.

  12. I just had to let you guys know that this video literally taught me how to smash the ball with my woods! Thank you for putting these videos out!

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