How To Hit A Golf Flop Shot

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How To Hit A Golf Flop Shot with Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru, Steve Buzza PGA professionals. Watch as they challenge each other to this tough golf shot with not much green to work with. This video was filmed on the second hole at Las Colinas golf club in Spain. Watch as the two golfers talk about how they play this up and over golf shot. Improve your golf game with better understanding and improved technique.

17 thoughts on “How To Hit A Golf Flop Shot

  1. Love the flop shot!!!  I'm a lefty so I play a Phil phlop anytime I can…probably more than I need to…but I can stop 'em on a dime!!  Great shot Buzzman!!

  2. Mark,in your opinion is playing a flop shot with hands forward face open aiming slightly right and body open aiming slightly left like a bunker shot an effective way of doing so

  3. With a wider stance do you feel your hands are lower and the lie angle is flatter? Would this help to lengthen the arc and produce a shallower angle of attack? It looks like Mark opted for feet together while old buzzer took toward the wider stance. I've seen people use the wider stance in bunker flops for stability and to widen the arc. Bump and run players seem to have feet together and the shaft lean you referred to early to lower the flight. I'd like to see a short game video on stance vs. lie angle.

  4. Hey mark can you make a video about your top 5 wedges of 2013/14? I'm trying to make a decision on what to get. Thanks!

  5. always great videos Mark. just a quick question regarding Cameras/Video recorders. What do you use to film all your videos? What camera/video recorders do you think are best to film a golf swing for practice and lessons?
    thanks and keep up the awesome videos 

  6. +mark crossfield, could i suggest you re-order these playlists? as it is, if i click "play all", they play in reverse order , i.e., part 3, then part 2, then part 1. be nice if it was the other way around. cheers!

  7. It appeared as though your clubface was pointed right of the target and your stance was square. Can you elaborate on this?

  8. I tried to hit a flop off hard turf last Saturday. i think the bounce hit off the ground, bounced up and I skulled it 30 yards. Question: is it possible to flop off hard ground or do you need a lie that permits the club to slide under the ball?

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