How To Hit a 3 Wood Stiff

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How To Hit a 3 Wood Stiff with Mark Crossfield, Matt Lockey and YourGolfTravels Rory. Mark and the guys take on the 17th on the Oceanico Victoria golf course in Portugal once home of the Portugal Masters on the European tour. This is a long par 5 over water and the guys try to hit the green in 2 with long shots over the water to a small green. Play your best golf and have fun with AskGolfGuru’s Mark Crossfield easy to follow and understand golf videos.

32 thoughts on “How To Hit a 3 Wood Stiff

  1. Rory = challengetastic !!!! 🙂 After the 'penalty' drop you might have salvaged a 'par'! If you holed the "Crossfield foot putt" that is! Nice 3 metal though; ….. just think how far you'd be able to knock the new 'game improver ez' 3 metal …… maybe you should match up your bag ? 😉 ha!

  2. Very tough shot amazing result. Rory hits many quality shots but all pro's have exceptional short game like Mark and Matt. Can't wait for more video golf bring it on… 2014. Happy new year dudes.

  3. Mark, all the best in a New Year. ..keep on sharing with us your super videos…I am a big fan of your work. Best reagrds from Poland.

  4. Well that proves it the 3 wood beats the driver off the deck, is there ever a scenario where you would try the driver off the deck again?

  5. Mark, how can I hit my 3 wood just as you and Rory did in the segment? I more often than not hit it fat, behind the ball or top it whereby it dribbles down the fairway. I need some help.

  6. Thanks Mark and others, I really enjoy your channel. The closest to golf you get here in Finland on a off season =( Keep up the good work !

  7. Im a club fitter at a local golf store and we hit driver off the deck in the simulator all the time. Super fun to kill time in the winter months. No playing here in new york for the next couple of weeks. Just saw a few inches of snow today

  8. Fantastic video…. But you know the saying….Any fool can hit a second shot………..
    Stiil…great shot Mark….respect !!!!!

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