PGA professionals Piers Ward and Andy Proudman explain how to create a pendulum putting stance to help improve golf putting


  1. Hi guys, love the videos, but the sound on your last few videos has been poor. There's a lot of phasing, which tells me there's two simultaneous audio feeds playing out, perhaps the bleed from one mic playing over the other one. It's fairly distracting and very easy to fix. 

  2. Bloody Hell, Look how still Piers's head is in those practice swings, great info as always guys, I also find that my putter does wobble a bit on the back swing. I am just getting back into golf after a 10 year hiatus, I find these videos very helpful, clear concise and to the point, thank you for posting these, I can see a slow but consistent improvement in my game by following your advice, especially in relation to address, setup and swing plane 

  3. Great advice but what about the focus on where to look? Do you need to look in front of the ball or at the ball itself?

  4. Great video guys, really helpful tip with the illustration about ensuring you can balance a cd on your back. Subtle things to remember that really help, just tried this in my lounge room and it feels so much better, more natural

  5. lately the audio has been off with your videos. Not sure why, has maybe too much reverb? weird echo, great content though! Hope it helps.

  6. Great video, re-enforces what I was taught in a lesson a few years ago.  Certainly better than stabbing at putts thats for sure.  Thanks and keep up good work.

  7. Nice video fellas. Can you give your thoughts on feet width? I found myself swinging free and straight with a very narrow stance. Im 6'2" if that matters.

  8. Great Video. One of the issue I have is actually starting the takeaway. Would you think of tipping the left shoulder and raising the right. This is especially so for the nasty 3 footers where things get a bit jerky. Any suggestions?

  9. I always hit the ball to the right of target unless I lean my upper body slightly away from the ball through impact then the ball will roll straight, what do you think is causing this? One of these days I need to fly over there from Australia and meet you guys, rick shiels and mark crossfield

  10. Regarding the issue with the putter going all over the place in the backswing…  you guys just kinda say 'oh just make sure to swing freely'…  I had this same problem and the absolute number one fix for this: hover the putter behind the ball and take the club away from the hover.

  11. Gravity !!! I keep hearing that we have to give it all to gravity . So we actively lift our shoulders using muscles and then let them fall under the influence of gravity. But then of course the fastest speed of a true pendulum stroke is at the bottom of the arc and if we truly left it all to gravity the ball would deflect the putterhead (unless you hit it dead centre) and also lessen its speed (conservation of momentum). So to stop the putterface being deflected (and decelerated ) we then have to use our muscles again to brace through impact. So its not a gravity induced pendulum motion at all , you are using muscles and in this case shoulders/pecs/arms/wrists/fingers to get the clubhead moving back and through. Please also note that the shoulders work independently of each other and to keep that 'triangle' of arms/club/shoulders intact you will have to tense up the shoulders (if you want them to rock together) and we all know what tension can do to golfers. The putting stroke is all muscles but your better off using the muscles without actively tensing them too much . End of story!!!!

  12. I'm wondering … I've notice that I pull most of my putts (even 3 footers) when I miss. I've worked on alignment, doing drills and my misses are consistently left. Recently I read/saw something about keeping the upper arms "connected" to the pectorals so I thought I'd give that a try, spending and hour doing an alignment drill. Actually stopped my tendency to pull. but I noticed that when I rotated my shoulders, my hips tended to sway along with my shoulders. I felt that keeping my upper arms connected to my pectorals, my forearms tended to rest on my upper stomach, which (I think) causes me to rotate my torso below my shoulders.

    When I viewed your video, at address position, your recommend that the neck should be level to the ground (approximately). I thought about this and concluded, that maybe I have been standing too close to the ball. I want my eyes directly over the ball and the only way I think I can do that (with my neck level to the ground) is to move my feet back from the ball. Then, my forearms would be extended from my stomach and only my biceps would be "connected" to my pecs.

    Does any of this make sense to you? Or maybe my analysis is a lover-complicated?

    Love your videos! Thanks for posting.

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