PGA Professionals Piers Ward and Andy Proudman explain how to start the down swing in golf using a driver


  1. Good stuff as always. Quick question though, I struggle to hit short irons properly but my mid and long irons o.k. Is there a known reason for this as it is driving me mad!!

  2. Difference definitely taken care of in the correct address position, width of stance, ball position. No difference at all in the initiation of the downswing (driver versus iron), always pressure in the lead foot (lead =left or right) first, that starts the 'relay' race, lead foot, lead knee, lead hip can't be any other way for arriving at the ideal impact conditions.

  3. Problem with the driver for me is that it feels like a completely different club than the others in my bag, the length and lightness of the driver just feels weird in comparison to the other clubs In the bag, I end up trying to swing it far too fast because it is so light.  

  4. Is there any different between lateral moves and hips rotation ? I still dont know which one is correct . Thanks 🙂

  5. Hello guys, I have a similar question as MDGolfaddict. Im not getting enough yardage with my lower irons. I spoke to a pro at my golf club he said the problem is the shaft and im not creating enough speed although i hit my mid-long irons the desired distance. Just wanted to hear your guys's feedback. I play the rocket bladez tour regular shaft. Thanks

  6. Great video again gents. Thinking about doing any gym videos soon eg exercises for stabilization or extra strength etc?

  7. Great video as usual. I had issues with my driver in the last months and I recently discovered that my transition was too slow. Checking an older video I have experienced that thinking on the golf swing as a single motion is really beneficial. I have been working hard also on my set-up, and I even decreased the loft of my driver to 8 degrees to force me to maintain the upper body tilt through the full action.
    Many thanks for your videos once again.

  8. excelent video guys, great question aswell ;).

    You're completely right by the way, my drives are very high. I hope this video helps to give me some extra roll.

  9. Great question, even better answer. I have been thinking about this as well. So it is safe to say that generally the swing is the same for all clubs, with different ball positions? Unless we want to make some funky shots i guess.

  10. Fellas,
    How about, "longest shot with a severely restricted backswing"? A supreme lie two feet in front of a wall using a mid-iron (also a good power-training drill, I think).

  11. QUESTION: The start of the downswing, is it safe to say that one is "Unwinding" from the ground upward while at the same time moving forward to your left side?

  12. great video – finally someone explains the difference (or not) between a driver and Iron swing. Question: Do you play a fairway wood as per the driver and is the swing / set up different for the fairway wood off the tee and the fairway?

  13. @Meandmygolf hey guys another great video. Very helpfull. Just a quick question. Ive had people tell me to have the ball in different areas between my feet to help with my swing and my connection ex) using a 4 iron and having the ball close to my front foot, does this actually have any affect on my play or should I keep the ball central with all clubs? Thanks guys.

  14. I think the issue is that the downswing with a iron is more straight up on the up swing and straight down on the downswing. I think you need to explain that the swing is flatter on the up with the Driver and wood and not such straight down on the downswing.

  15. Should the left hand start the downswing? I think my right hand is too strong and leading the club in the downswing.  Should the right hand just be placed on the club doing nothing?

  16. Hey guys. Please help. I have got down from 13 to 7 in 3 months and I am trying hard to get down to scratch but my driving is erratic and its the difference between being off 7 and scratch. The rest of my game is pretty decent. With my drives the direction is very erratic; could go left, right or straight but I am consistently hitting the drives very high so even when I do hit a straight one it is only going 230-240 metres instead of 270-280 that I normally hit. What could be going wrong? Perhaps I am coming in too steep or I am staying back and not transferring my weight. I dunno. Could you please do a video on: "How to hit drives straight with great trajectory"?

  17. I have a question slightly off topic although it is to do with the downswing, should my left knee be straight on impact? Cause whenever I try to do this I tend to get straighter longer shots but the downfall is after about 9 holes my knee begins to hurt and it forces me to stop it, which leads to me hitting a wicked slice, any advice?

  18. @bergalini I have had the same issue. Really high drives. Even with an 8.5 degree club face I take it off at 14 degrees. Rectified the problem by not leaning back on the ball too much and lining the ball up with the left side of my groin and not my left heel like the 'text book' golfer. Hitting it a lot better now!

  19. I have never taken a lesson in my life, but I do need techniques to follow for each swing.  You guys have helped me out tremendously.  Appreciate it

  20. I do exactly what u say at the end of the video and the outcome is like u said high slices. I can't wait to see if this fixes my problem

  21. why does he move his head and body when going to the backswing? wont that shift your orientation of the ball? i also read that "swaying" yoir body will also disorient your golf swing. my coach will tell me that my body should rotate and not sway.

    what are your insights on this matter?

  22. Lol great demonstration guys….seems like a lot of viewers don't have the few minutes to watch and listen….they want you guys to show them everything under 60 seconds lol and they have the patience for golf !?

  23. Clearly the shoulders don't get to the "analysis line" with driver. Though the transition is similar, I think that more weight stays on the right leg with driver through impact. Thus the weight stay back on the right leg more than with iron through impact because of the upward attack angle. Subtle pressure difference with initiating the downswing, though transition may be generally the same. I'm I thinking correctly?

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