How Jason Day Tests New Drivers | TaylorMade Golf

Follow along as @trottiegolf talks with Team TaylorMade’s Jason Day about the driver testing process, his first impressions of SIM driver, what he looks for in golf ball performance and a lot more in this 300-yard Walk.

31 thoughts on “How Jason Day Tests New Drivers | TaylorMade Golf

  1. Switching from the M1 it’s insane how forgiving and low spin is it with eliminating the T/Y track. The speed injected resin does dampen the sound a tad I prefer it as loud as possible ha

  2. Jason is the best when it comes to interviews, he’s down to earth and actually tries to explain things humbly

  3. the way unpick a golf is with my putter first… it cant be clicky high pitch and sound and feel like plastic… I like the soft damp feel with a dean muted sound… tp5 I like the feel and roll… my favorite ball is the Tour Bxs… then I go into my wedges and make sure it spins and plays how I think it should feel and play… then irons and driver

  4. Hate the way golf is heading, bring back persimmon and balata, sort the men out from the boys. Now its just all boys.

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