How Bryson DeChambeau has Gained SO MUCH Speed And Distance! | ME AND MY GOLF

How Bryson DeChambeau has Gained SO MUCH Speed And Distance! – Since golf has restarted one man has been the main talking point and that is Bryson DeChambeau. His ball speed and overall distance has gone through the roof since returning and we are now going to analyse the changes he has made to gain so much speed and distance!

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0:00 Intro.
00:30 – Our thoughts on Bryson DeChambeau’s changes
05:21 – Expert analysis from Dave Phillips at TPI
11.06 – Andy and Piers give it a go!

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38 thoughts on “How Bryson DeChambeau has Gained SO MUCH Speed And Distance! | ME AND MY GOLF

  1. What do you think of the changes Bryson Dechambeau has made to his golf swing? Comment down below!⬇️

  2. I would say that Bryson is using ‘impact fix’ at address and his impact position being same as set up , Ie a student of the Golf machine 👍

  3. The meatheads worst nightmare, the nerd got muscles now and is wrecking them lol. The only thing that matters is winning and if he keeps doing this it won't just be from length, it will be because he's more accurate regardless of speed.

  4. And he hits the ball on the UP swing +8 degrees. Please, all the YouTube instructors that think Hitting down on the ball with driver gives more distance…stop it. You’re wrong. It’s plain physics.

  5. Not impressed at all with the Titleist guy explanations. Body mass has nothing to do with this: if the clubhead travels at speed x, the ball will go at distance Y, whatever the weight of the golfer. Being stronger, not heavier, allows you to swing faster. Fatsos are not the longest hitters. Same with the increased grip size: they can minimize hand action and do many other little things to help, but allowed to put more force on the club? LOL!!! Totally idiotic.

  6. When Trevino, Watson Woods and so many more say Moe Norman was the best striker of the ball they'd ever seen why didn't mainstream listen? Now every one's all ears and an expert on Single Plane Swing…Moe just simplified the swing by removing a lot of unnecessary moving body parts

  7. This was a nice segment and great explanation by Dave Phillips on the bio-mechanical references of Bryson's swing, but I think it's important to mention that the principles that allow him to strike the ball center face with minimum dispersion at such speeds are those of the late Mo Norman, who as we know was the greatest ball striker that ever lived…

  8. Messed about on the range at the end of 100 balls. Hit 6, topped 3, sliced 1, but the other 2 added 20 yards and less fade than normal. Think reducing variables could work for me. Mainly concentrated on supinating ulner and creating room.

  9. Your swings were nothing like Dechambeau. You were just using your normal swing and trying to swing harder. Arms were not extended at all

  10. This is definitely NOT Moe Norman's swing. Moe doesn't change his spine angle throughout the swing because his setup is so different. Another huge reason is that Moe's plane was more shallow and hes braced into a flexed lead knee at impact. Moe did not extend his left side until the follow through when he literally stepped out of the shot. In short Moe has a VERY simple swing and Bryson has a VERY complicated one.

  11. Yawn…wake me up when he wins a major. I for one hope Gorilla Golf will not outshine the finesse & creativity that have produced many multi-major champions from the past. Gets himself into the mud & spins his tires. That quintuple was a joke.

  12. It won't change the game unless he starts winning everything because at the end of the day it's how many not how that matters.

  13. I can agree with the fact that Bryaon is putting in amazing effort to improve as n athlete should. But for all the amateur golfers out there distance isn’t everything and Bryaon might give the wrong example for us amateurs to try and hit long drives (that will go all over the place) while for me short game will improve my game more than hitting longer drives. And be honest, most amateurs won’t ever hit it 350yds ( if they’re honest towards themselves)

  14. Wait…. at address isn’t Bryson’s left elbow pointed toward the target line instead of pointing at the ground? That would indicate at address, elbow is pronates.. am I wrong? Iinsane

  15. I started trying to emulate his golf swing… after about 5 rounds my average 9 holes went down about 6 strokes. Couldn’t be happier with the results!

  16. Hi Guys, it's called a Single Plane Swing and was mastered by the legendary Moe Norman. Compair what Bryson is doing now and the similarities of removing variables is unmistakable.

  17. Using the Moe Norman “Single Plane Swing” address is what helps Bryson be so consistent. Much easier to achieve is the Single Plane Swing taught by Graves Golf Academy. See Todd Graves on his YouTube channel. There are many very useful videos by Todd which anyone can learn from. Good luck with your new Single Plane Swing. I use the Single Plane Swing and am playing better than ever before and with zero back pain,

  18. I wonder what kind of testing he’s going through…Drug cheats often use smokescreens such as ‘high swing speed & change in diet’. Sounds highly suspicious to me. VADA should be knocking at his door & all other golfers, as never heard of anyone getting busted.

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