Hip Sway Golf Drill with Mark Crossfield

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Hip Sway Golf Drill with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark talks hip sway with a video of a golfer who has sent his golf swing via Marks golf pro app links above. Learn how hip sway in your golf backswing can change your club path and encourage a number of bad golf shots from a slice to topped golf strikes. Play your best golf with simple and easy to understand golf instruction from one of the internets best loved golf professional.

17 thoughts on “Hip Sway Golf Drill with Mark Crossfield

  1. I enjoy your videos they really help my game I wanted to see if u could take a quick moment of your time to take a look at my sing and get some feedback on what you think plz

  2. Thanks, will work on it and post another clip again, got about 5 points to fix in my swing. 
    Really appreciate ur work that u do here and it helped me understand the golf swing so much more.
    I also got an advice for people who sway. One doesnt even need a club, just stand in ur normal address position and pretend ur shoulder must stay parrallel to ur hip and u can only turn by turning the hips, gives one the sensation one is looking for during the swing. 

  3. Thanks for this video. I think this will straighten out my short irons. I think I was shifting my hips back and causing me to pull my short irons left.

  4. Interesting comments from "Mark Angryfield"…you must be a teacher to the "stars" of golf…or is it more of…them who can does…them who can't but know how teach…them who can do neither write/tell others about it……..

  5. Do you recommend the bump to the left to everybody or just as a correction? In other videos you start your downswing with a turn of the hips rather than a slide to left first.
    Great videos and instruction.

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