Grip it right with Rick Shiels PGA Golf Coach
The grip is one of the most overlooked fundamentals in golf, but gripping your club correctly has significant advantages. See how to improve your grip to improve your game. Learn how to hold the golf club correct every time. Instruction for right handed golfers but for left handed golfers please do the opposite instruction.

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Thanks to High Legh Park Golf Club for use of the course

39 thoughts on “Grip it right with Rick Shiels PGA Golf Coach

  1. Hi!

    Do you have any advice how far up i should grip my club?

    I see people choking clubs and others seem to grip them from pretty "up" .

    Up=distance? Choke=control?

  2. Hi Rick. Just commenting to say that your growth has been truely phenomenal and you have grown so much in many aspects. Keep up the awesome work with your YT and with Pete and James.


  3. Wow – you've changed! Who is this nervous young man compared with the great pro broadcaster you've become now?

  4. After listening to your podcast, I decided to look up a video of your younger days. After getting back into golf (June 2019) after many years (mid 90's) I actually found this useful. Now I use the grip check as a new routine thanks to you. Thank you for the tip, even if it was basic and made years ago.

  5. Ha ha, sure every view is someone coming to see what the old ones looked like….reminds me of Gary Lineker when he first presented and now he's a natural

  6. Watch this for the first time years ago, thought I’d rewatch just to see how much you have changed 😂 I must say your introduction is so much smoother now.

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