Greg Norman at Royal St George’s | Great Open Rounds

Greg Norman won his second Open title playing the best golf of his career against one of the finest leaderboards ever seen – all but one of the final top-12 either were, or would become, a major champion.

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13 thoughts on “Greg Norman at Royal St George’s | Great Open Rounds

  1. Norman is known far more for missed chances in majors than his two wins, but he took apart a loaded leaderboard in the final round of this tournament with a tour de force performance (despite missing about an 18-inch putt on the 17th hole). An unbelievably good round of ball-striking.

  2. To think Faldo was joint leader after round 3, shot -3 (67) in the final round and did not win? Shows how good a round Norman's was! Mind you we won't mention a certain tournament 3 years later in Georgia, shall we?

  3. If you do the final round, please for the love of god include the leaderboards and scores. Thank you, sincerely everyone who's a golf fan

  4. If only Norman had been able to do this on more Sundays in his career. He would've won 10 or more majors.

  5. One of those rounds that inspires you to take up golf as a kid. Watched it all. He was majestic that day.

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