Golf Swing Lesson Posture Mark Crossfield

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Golf Swing Lesson Posture Mark Crossfield, PGA professional AskGolfGuru Mark Crossfield talks about posture and how it can make other movements in your golf swing much harder if you set yourself in a certain way. This is another golf swing sent through Mark’s iPhone, iPad and android golf app helping golfer from around the world play better golf. Improve your golf swing with easy to understand and follow golf tips and instructions from Mark Crossfield.

11 thoughts on “Golf Swing Lesson Posture Mark Crossfield

  1. Hi mark I have just purchased a full set of titleist clubs second hand and I would like to get them fitted how much do you think it should cost on average?
    I'm in Australia if that changes anything. @Mark Crossfield

  2. hi mark you may find this Interesting, we get allot of clients Come for ridding Lessons and Suffer from the same fault, we teach People to sit Down by tilting the pelvis back and down in turn make you sit more softer in tge saddle. Since I have taken up golf the similarities in golf and horse riding is amazing because I ride and teach I have a good understanding of body movent. Try a riding lessons you'll see and feel what I mean.

  3.  A curved lower back with the chest up is the ideal posture for many weight lifting exercises.More than likely, if you see this it is someone who weight trains and needs to learn to relax instead of tighten their muscles.

  4. Great mark – I've been working on posture and feel sure I have been pushing my backside out – good info – basic but essential

  5. Great vid, I find myself sticking my rear end out sometimes and I find I sometimes squirt the odd shot out to the right, this May solve that!

  6. Mark, I seem to dip my head on my backswing. Do you have any drills to help me with this problem? I cant seem to stop doing this.

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