Golf Swing Lesson Out To In Swing

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Golf Swing Lesson Out To In Swing with AskGolfGuru Mark Crossfield PGA professional. This is another golf instructional video for a golfer sending his golf swing through Mark’s Golf app for iPhone, iPad and android. Learn how he could improve his golf game with a better club path and improved shot shape. Play your best golf with Mark’s simple and easy to follow golf lessons and tips.

10 thoughts on “Golf Swing Lesson Out To In Swing

  1. Great tip Mark, I paid €40 for a lesson the other day for this same problem. Your advice makes way more sense and its free.

  2. Most common problem.Almost the five last videos were about out to in swing.I do think you could see that easily yourself,it's so common…But there are new players all the time ,so good vid

  3. I have a very similar swing but instead of changing my swing I changed my setup to Hogan's diagonal stance. It worked wonders for me. I now hit a fade that starts a little left and curves right on target. Why don't more instructors talk about the diagonal stance?

  4. Mark,

    Would putting the towel under both arms in front of you allow you to feel that motion better? I think wanting to do that move and being able to feel that move during the swing is the big obstacle.

  5. Mark, please add your apps to the Amazon store, even for an inflated price. I've got a lot of Amazon coins I'd like to use.

  6. Hey mark, like the videos. I tend to come into the ball incredibly steep and do not launch the ball very high. Can you give suggestions or drills on how to shallow out my swing. Thanks Alex

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