Golf Swing Fault – Early extension

PGA Professional Piers Ward explains the fault of early extension in the golf swing, and offers a simple drill using resistance bands to cure early extension.
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5 thoughts on “Golf Swing Fault – Early extension

  1. the reason for his early extension is his posture, his butt is sticking out too much forcing a humping movement for his hips to be able to turn take it from someone who pracetaced it so much i was out for a month with a pulled hip muscle before i realized i wasnt bending at the waist enough good luck

  2. Out of all the videos on early extension, I believe that this one here may of helped me feel what's been evading me for years my friend.  When you said "heel" and "glute" something clicked.  I had been taught to only move the left knee around but could never quite get around enough it seemed.  Somehow, getting onto the heel helped my left hip clear more behind me so to speak and earlier too it seems.  My footwork also feels more stable and powerful…Can't wait to try this tomorrow at the range…I'll let you know how it goes Piers!! Cheers!!

  3. Hi great videos I've been working on the plane drill but have spotted I also have early extension – I'm moving hands away at takeaway and then early extending on downswing – what should I focus on or is one causing the other ? Occasional shank but rarely on course – lots on range ! Bad shot on course is pull or fat

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