Golf Swing Basics – The PERFECT Set Up

Golf Swing Basics – The PERFECT Set Up- in this video we give you a detailed explanation of how every golfer should set up to the golf ball!

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13 thoughts on “Golf Swing Basics – The PERFECT Set Up

  1. Great start to the masters so far, some huge names in contention! Who do you think will end the week with the green jacket?👀⛳️ Post your comments down below👇

  2. Excellent presentation of the basics of setting up correctly. I am filing this in my favorites for future reference if, or shall I say when 😆the “wheels come off” in my swing. Thank you for posting!

  3. Wow !!!
    Yesterday went to the range and the driver hit was a little off . Now after watching the video went to the range again and I was hitting straight and longer shots .
    Thank you guys

  4. Great video. Thanks very much for the quality instructions. Could you please let me know what type of net you’re using as I’m pretty much locked down for quite a while so I fancy getting one for my back garden (and my sanity). Thanks very much.

  5. Great video and review of set up basics though I have heard to balance the weight over the feet the weight should be over the balls of the feet not exactly the arches as you suggest as arches are further back than balls of the feet. Is the difference significant in your view?

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