Golf Sixes! It’s golf, but not as you know it!

I team up with Tour pro’s Marc Warren and Richie Ramsay, Daryl Selby & the lads from ‘The Club’ to play the Golf Sixes ProAm at Centurion Club!
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36 thoughts on “Golf Sixes! It’s golf, but not as you know it!

  1. Anything like this is good for getting people into a new sport. Some people just can't play 18 holes and then see the sport as inaccessible. Look at what T20's done for cricket. Love this idea and looking forward to seeing where It goes. Great video as always Seb

  2. Loving the lightheartedness of the event. Would be class to see some pros absolutely tear up a course in something like a Texas Scramble in the future! Nice vid Seb.

  3. Watching on the TV now, i think it's great, the more varied formats the better in my opinion.
    I think some players really suit the match play parts and some are stronger stroke play, so it's good to mix it up a bit.

  4. First time watching this format. It makes the game a lot more interesting to people that don't like golf. Love seeing how the pros will cope with the having to be quite aggressive on the 6 holes rather than Pocking spots to be aggressive on the 18.

  5. Seb you should play "Golf with Your Friends", the video game. Would be funny seeing how an actual golfer plays it! Maybe play it with a couple of the hashtag lads đŸ˜€

  6. Great Video Seb, The European Tour Stealing the idea from the old Trilby tour Matchplay finals day ??? what events you playing in the Trilby this year?

    Maybe see you there?

  7. He loved it plus I got all 32 signatures,but he got nicked from the longest drive.He got 304 yards

  8. First of all great video as always Seb đŸ™‚ Loving seeing the channel grow!!!

    Love the idea of Golf Sixes!!! Anything that gets more people involved in golf is a good thing … đŸ™‚

  9. Please come play in South Africa! With your pound you can have a lot of fun and play at the top courses here for very little!

  10. You should have been thE TV compare for the event you are a natural presenter and know your stuff. Love the channel and eagerly await the next one. Go Seb not forgetting to #it

  11. Just watched the last day of the tournament and it was good fun. Really liked it. Beautiful course by the way !

  12. Hi Seb I saw u at the sixes today and we got a picture with u great vid btw and also ur channel is getting better and better hope u can hit 100k soon

  13. Hi seb I met you today and I'm just asking if you can give me a shoutout you can say no but I just wanted to ask because I'm only on 343 subs and just to say your very good at golf by

  14. Brilliant event! Attended both days and was so good to see the amount of young people like myself there. Certainly a way to market golf to the younger generation

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