Golf Pro App Swing Fix Out To In Club Path

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Golf Pro App Swing Fix Out To In Club Path with Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru and PGA professional. Mark helps more golfers sending their golf swings through his Golf Pro iPhone, iPad and Android devices. In this golf swing lesson Mark talks swing direction and how that can effect club path and in turn your golf shots. Play your best golf with improved club path and stop the over the top slicing golf swing with simple and easy to understand golf instruction.

12 thoughts on “Golf Pro App Swing Fix Out To In Club Path

  1. Hi Mark I have the opposite problem and come too much from the inside which tends to get me stuck resulting in push shots to the right. Any tips please?

  2. Anyone considering this, just do it! I've been working on this for 2 weeks, with & without balls. All my irons are now arrow straight and my driver slice has become a fade, now working on it more to gain that draw. Thanks Mark

  3. I did this exactly and didn't hit one slice. In fact, I started choosing to shape the ball right to left. Also managed to hit a 310m drive today for the first time ever. Dropping the club head really helped me today. I'm also getting an extra club off my shots. Thanks Mark!

  4. Hi mark, great videos love watching them, my irons i hit really well tend to hit them the majority of the time straight or with a slight draw but slice the knackers off the ball with my driver, will this swing path cure this horrible shot?

  5. I love these drills. Helped my ball striking instantly. I actually went out and bought both apps as a way to repay Mark for his help. Drill these over and over (with proper grip and setup) and you'll be getting much better strikes!

  6. Hi Mark! I started golf this august (at the age of 41). Just had some 3 months of golf, so very rookie.(and should've start at least 20 years ago)

    I'm currently at a winter course (once a week, pro keeps lessons) to get my swing right. My teacher advised me just like this. I had a huge problem hitting outside in on my swing (approx. 10 degrees)

    Now, with this advise, I constantly hit inside out – thanks for advice! However, this led to two new issues:

    1. My club head is now very hard to control; previously, with my outside-in swing, my club head was quite straight and I could (or thought I could) control it.  But now I don't seem to get any control of it; it's too open or closed without any reason I can figure out.

    2. Inside-out has definitely slow my club head speed. Previously, I hit 7-iron approx. 135-145 m (with some fade/slice). Now, I hit beautiful draws, but my 7-iron is approx. 100 m. (both distances with roll)

    Any ideas that I should try?


  7. If I try dropping my hands I hit the ground every time… I have a very out to in path (like in the video, but still more "pretty" and "natural" looking). I'm also a 5 handicap.

    If an advanced coach/pro sees my swing they notice my swing path(and hint/outright say I should fix it), but I've never actually had a problem with it…but one guy told me I could gain a lot more yards and accuracy on my drives. I find that hard to believe, since I already hit 300+ yard drives (~270 average) at sea level and in humidity, with around tour average swing speed, and very sharp driver accuracy. I also have been told over and over that an out to in swing is typically a lot more powerful, and that has also been my experience. The more insight on this, the better, because I don't want to make a swing change that seems pointless. I am already very accurate, and getting better and longer all the time, but if it's worthwhile I would definitely consider spending the time to fix it. 

    I'm 21 years old, and ultimately my goal is to make the PGA tour (one can dream, right?), but obviously I have a long way to get to that point, and I'm not sure that this is actually holding me back. 

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