Golf Grip and Over The Top Swing Lesson

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Golf Grip and Over The Top Swing Lesson with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark helps more golfers through his iPhone, iPad and Android golf app with their golf swings. In this golf lesson video Mark is talking how a grip and clubface to wrist issue can effect the whole swing shape and in turn club path. If you want to hit straighter tee shots with your driver or hit more greens with your irons then Mark’s simple tips and ideas will help you hit your goals.

12 thoughts on “Golf Grip and Over The Top Swing Lesson

  1. Trust me Mark, many of us here in the states would love to have the opportunity to work with you for an hour. It would change our games significantly!

  2. Watching all the videos from over the years has helped me a great deal. A lesson would be great if not to just show my appreciation for helping me improve my game. Great video as usual!

  3. Hi mark great video if someone came to you with the hands away from body but played with a strong grip what would you suggest been working on this for a while now worse with my driver

  4. Another great video. I had exactly this problem. My pro changed my grip and although it felt MASSIVELY too strong to start with, and I got some huge draws/pull hooks, within about 10 swings the difference was amazing. Looking back at the videos, the positions I got into at key points compared to with my old grip (so left arm parallel, top of swing, path on way down and impact), just by making that one simple change, really shocked me. Such small margins in golf; that's why we love it, right? 🙂

  5. Great insight again Mark. You got me placing my right hand more on top of the club and I am forgetting about the left hand, all my iron shots are fades like the guy in the video. I'm off to the range to sort this out right now!

  6. Hi Mark, love the Videos. When are you going to come to the US so you can help all of us with our golf games? Just load up the fam and travel from state to state putting on clinics and private lessons. You'd make a killing and we would finally be able to work with you! Let do this… Everyone thumbs up if you would pay $$$ to have lessons from Mark Crossfield. I'm serious, you could make bank! And we would be glad to pay it. ( I would anyway ) Time to talk to that travel agent!!! Just make sure you get to the east coast, Virginia/Washington DC Area
    Spring time is coming, let's get stuck in!!!

  7. THAT'S ME!!!! Thanks for the tips Mark!! I've been watching all your videos and can't wait to get to work and change my grip for my swing!!  hopefully the snow melts away so i can go out and play! as a 5 handicap hopefully this will take me even lower! thanks again from new jersey in the US!! 

  8. Good video Mark and a great reminder for me on the influence of face/path and that the face angle determines the starting direction of the ball and the face differential from 90 deg to path will determine the amount of side spin causing the ball to hook or fade from this direction. You are stringing some really useful vid's together. Keep up the good work…..Cheer's DW

  9. This is why trackman and gc2 etc are so important. He might be hitting 4-5 deg down and that swing direction might be pretty close to a "0" path. Issues would come when trying to hit driver on the up with a swing like that.

  10. Can anyone give me suggestions to what is causing a push?  My general miss is a straight ball flight that starts and finishes just right of target.

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