Golf Club Face Control Lesson Mark Crossfield

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Golf Club Face Control Lesson Mark Crossfield, more swing fixes from AskGolfGuru. Mark talks club face control and how to improve and understand your golf swing more with some simple clubface control ideas. This golf swing was sent through Marks golf pro app, get your swing on Mark’s channel by getting one of the most popular apps in golf from the links above.

11 thoughts on “Golf Club Face Control Lesson Mark Crossfield

  1. The golfer just needs more body rotation in the downswing. His early extension and release is getting the club path too inside to out and closing. If you play from a shut or stronger grip like Trevino, Dustin or Zack Johnson you will need more body rotation through the shot to keep the club face from shutting down and the very little forearm rotation is required. Some of the best drivers of the ball play from a closed top of swing position.

  2. Can you explain your thought better because it doesn't make sense. Saying the body doesn't rotate more by rotating the body but by knowing where the face is does rotate the body??? That is artistry, I'm sorry and not trying to sound rude but that makes no sense.

  3. Hi Mark

    I have been tweaking my swing of late and toying with my grip as well in hopes to be more consistent and overcoming my over the top slice.  Now I am hooking the ball, slicing the ball and the odd one goes straight.  Any ideas what i am doing wrong?

  4. Hi, Ive have recently been looking at a new set of clubs and a name that I keeps coming up are the, Adams Tight Lies Plus set.. I have been playing golf for about 5-7 years now and play all most every weekend.. I score about a 85-100 on an average day.. Would you consider this a good set for me?
    My price range cant go over $500
    Any advice helps. Thanks(:

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