Golf Chip Over a Bunker

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Golf Chip Over a Bunker with Mark Crossfield and Matt Lockey PGA professionals. AskGolfGuru and Coach Lockey talk about hitting golf shots over a bunker from a tough lie, hear what they think about, how they play it and how you could improve your golf with better golf technique and mind set. This video was filmed at East Devon Golf Club on January 02nd after some very heavy rain and the course was still in amazing condition. Play your best golf and improve your short game with Mark Corssfield’s easy to follow and understand golf tips and instruction.

24 thoughts on “Golf Chip Over a Bunker

  1. I like Marks advice and gear reviews TWO THUMBS UP!  
    But I couldn't play around of golf with the man unless we tee'd off at the break of dawn.

  2. I think all the talk is useful because the lesson isn't just 'how to shoot the shot…' the lesson is … this is one way, and this is another… try them out and see what works for you and above all…practice and try things out.  'The more I practice, the luckier I get.' (G. Player)

  3. how bout dropping the waffle and getting the shot on camera without boring us to tears before we die wondering

  4. i think matts advice is the worst for the for the average amature. he has developed a very niche way of golfing.. which wouldnt be the best thing when introduced to golf. id say learn by the book then change what feels good

  5. watching numerous,numerous of these videos, it seems like 1)open stance, weight 60% forward 2)at address, where the butt end of club points is priceless. forward makes you dig, middle makes you use more bounce 3)tempo is important, always accelerate

  6. Thanks Marks. Recently after a great drive I had a similar shot.  I'm thinking eagle, birdie minimum… it went in the bunker. Turned that great drive into a double with one bad shot.

  7. I love this! I have just watched the bunker one as well and I think it's great you are showing the public 2 different ways of doing it! It has given me confidence in and around the bunker as my new technique is great I have used half of both of your techniques to come up with what is comfortable and successful for me! This has made my game much stronger as hitting long irons I have always aimed away bunkers or layed up when unnecessary now I don't really mind!! Thank you I will see when I have the spare money and book a lesson with you great work keep it up!

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